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Why Horrible Things Happen In Certain Locations

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Why Horrible Things Happen In Certain Locations
by Tina D. Erwin

One of Edgar Cayce’s most repeated references is to karma, “that first rule, a law that is eternal: The seed sown must one day be reaped.” (Reading 2448-2) Literally, negativity begets negativity as the case below chillingly illustrates.

On a hot, sticky night on June 10, 1912, in the quiet little town of Villisca, Iowa, a powerful evil wind blew into the home of the Moore family and became manifest. On that fateful night, a rather tall person or persons, wielding an ax, murdered all six family members in their beds. Two young neighbors, spending the night with the Moore family girls, the Stillinger sisters, were also murdered in the front bedroom. The news of these premeditated murders, rocked the teeny, tiny town. No one was ever found guilty of the crime although someone was unsuccessfully tried for it. To this day, no one lives in the old house because no one is ever very comfortable there even though it has had several owners since that tragic night a hundred years ago in 1910.

One of the questions that people often asked was why did such vicious, raw violence happen in that house? While on the surface, there did appear to have been a revenge motive for the killings (something about a shady business deal), the raw violence of the obviously, premeditated massacre of women and children that occurred in that house on that night would seem to go way beyond mere business revenge.

This begs the question: Is it possible that there could be something about the land that could have incited such action? Was there a history of violence on the property, long before the Moore family bought the house? Was there something in the karmic history of the slaughtered individuals that put them in resonance with such horror? Let us peek into the past.House

A very long time ago, before this country was settled, the Fox Indian tribe controlled that part of Iowa, and they called it Willisca, which was a lovely place although not the part of town where the massacre house now sits. The specific area of town where the massacre house now sits was the exact location where the Fox and Sioux Indians sent their criminally insane family members. They put them there because they believed that the ground was very negative.

Eventually, by the time the Lewis and Clark Expedition explored the territory, the Iowan Indians had control of the area. The Iowan Indians changed the name from Willisca to Villisca. What is in a name? To the Fox and Sioux Indians, the word Villisca means evil place, the place of devil spirits. Apparently, the change in name was not a good sign for the town and that piece of property in particular.

But here again, what made the property, or that area, negative in the first place? Perhaps the answer to this takes us back to understanding the energy of an area. The Native American peoples always studied where animals felt safe, how trees grew, and what plants grew well in which places. They knew instinctively that poisonous plants and plants with destructive growths, stinging insects, and misshapen plant life, were the result of negative places. They could see the evidence. Only creatures and plants in resonance with that energy would grow there.

Only creatures and plants in resonance with that energy would grow there. This brings up the resonance issue. The Indians avoided that location because they knew that staying there would eventually make them physically and spiritually sick. They would not keep their horses there either for that type of land was harmful to all healthy creatures. The Fox and Sioux Indians only took their insane people there because they believed that insane people were already in a physically and emotionally negative place.

So if someone is insane, possibly criminally insane, and he or she lives in that type of environment, the energy of that land would be continually imbued with that increasingly negative energy. No normally healthy person or animal would ever want to spend time there because they wouldn’t feel comfortable. Perhaps the criminally insane were more comfortable, more controllable on property in which they were in resonance.

Back to the Villisca murders: Why did that family pick that house to live in? Why did those children pick that family to have that experience, and why did the Stillinger sisters go to that negative house on that specific night? Does this mean that these eight seemingly innocent people were on some level and in some karmic way in resonance with profound evil? Is this why they couldn’t feel the level of evil in the ground before they bought the property and moved in, nor the Stillinger sisters, who visited that house?

Native peoples felt the earth beneath their feet. They learned the language of the earth and communicated with nature on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Few white men learned those precious lessons. Because of these facts, it would appear that the Moore family might not have been conscious of how negative the property was. They may not have been taught to heed that sense that tells them that something is very, very wrong. But if they were already in resonance with darkness on some level, they may never have felt the evil in the first place. They may not have realized that they were literally in resonance with profound evil. Maybe they were very angry about the business deal, or were angry at each other. Maybe something dark was haunting them and that feeling became their norm. We will never know what happened.

Perhaps the most critical aspect is the karmic aspect. Karma is always fair, always just. When people die together, even in a ferociously violent way, this is group karma. Even though an observer may not be able to fathom why the vicious death of six seemingly innocent children could happen, we do not know the karmic path of any of those murdered souls. We cannot know why they had such a traumatic experience nor how each of those souls will use that experience to balance something on their karmic path in the future. The curious aspect that no one was ever found guilty of the crime may have something to do with how the karma was balanced, for no other murders of that type took place any where near that town or in the town of Villisca, and no one has ever really “lived a normal life” in that house again.

Perhaps one of the lessons of the Villisca Ax murders would be to absolutely listen to that psychic sense that tells you that something doesn’t feel right about a location. Remove anger from your life and research the history of a location before you purchase, rent, or work in an area!

We attract what we are and what we think, and if what we are attracting is negative, then we must change our thoughts and our life. Only each one of us can make that karmically life-changing decision for ourselves.


Tina ErwinTINA D. ERWIN, CDR, USN, Ret. has studied metaphysics all her life to enable her to understand her own psychic abilities. These intense studies were further enhanced by the experiences of a dynamic 20-year career in the Navy, working for the U.S. Submarine Force, retiring at the Commander level. Erwin is the author of the A.R.E. Press book, The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief.




John Van Auken on Coast to Coast AM

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John Van Auken on Coast to Coast AM with George Noorycoasttocoastamicon

Mark your calendars: Our own John Van Auken will be the featured guest on Coast to Coast AM on Thursday, May 20 from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. EST (that’s really the early morning hours of Friday May 21). John Van 

He will be speaking with George Noory about “Edgar Cayce's Prophecies” including Cayce's prophecies for the years 2012 and beyond, beings from other planets, the Giza pyramids, other ancient mysteries, the fifth-root race, and his new book and DVD Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah.

John is an internationally renowned speaker, longtime staff member, and a current director at A.R.E. A popular leader of A.R.E.’s life-changing tours to Egypt and other sacred sites, he is also the author of several best-selling books, including Edgar Cayce on the Revelation, Toward a Deeper Meditation, and his newest Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah. In addition he is a regular contributor to the Ancient Mysteries column in Venture Inward magazine. His extensive knowledge of the Cayce readings, the Bible, world religions, Gnosticism, and ancient Egyptian mysticism is combined with years of experience as a teacher and meditation retreat leader, to bring you a deeper understanding of this ancient mystical tradition that enhances the understanding and skill of today’s spiritual seeker.Kabbalah Gift set

You can listen to the show online on CoasttoCoastam.com.

Be sure to let your friends know! It will be amazing.


A Quick Return–The Reincarnation

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A Quick Return–The Reincarnation of a Child
By Ann Jaffin

In 1943, Edgar Cayce received a letter from a woman asking for a physical reading for her four-year-old daughter. The mother described the child as being high strung and nervous. She wrote that, sometimes after taking her afternoon nap, the child “awakes in a lost, distraught frame of mind, [w]rings her hands and cries ceaselessly. It seems to be a sort of seizure or fit. I am very quiet with her and in about a half hour she becomes normal again, and she doesn't seem to have any recollection of what troubled her.”

Cayce nailed the cause of the child’s distress right away. It was a quick return. She had reincarnated too quickly and was carrying over memories and fears from a former life during World War II, less than nine months before her present birth.

Children during World War 2"For, here we have a quick return - from fear, to fear through fear. [The child should] be kept away from fear, away from loud noises, darkness, the scream of sirens, the shouts of individuals...

For, the entity was only just coming to that awareness of [the] beauty of associations, of friendships, of the beautiful outdoors, nature, flowers, birds, and of God's manifestations...and then the tramping of feet, the shouts of arms, brought destructive forces.

The entity then was only a year to two years older than in the present experience [and] finds the world such a turmoil...in its dreams, its visions...Then...in the name Theresa Schwalendal, was on the coasts of Lorraine [France]. The entity only passed out and then in less than nine months again entered a material world."

The reading closed by telling the parents how to heal the child’s trauma and promised a blessing to many people.

"Be patient. Do not scold. Do not speak harshly. Do not fret nor condemn...But do tell [her] daily of the love that Jesus had for little children, of peace and harmony; never those stories such of the witch, never those as of fearfulness of any great punishment; but love, patience. This do, and we will find a great, a wonderful soul, that has come again to bless many." (3162-1)

Because life in the earth is so very challenging, the Cayce readings state that the longer the time period that we spend out of the earth in the nonphysical dimensions between lifetimes, the greater our progress tends to be. Souls who rush back to reincarnate quickly are often making it more difficult on themselves.

"For oft, the longer the periods between the earthly sojourns the greater has been - or may be - the development of the soul entity to that which EACH soul IS to attain through its appearances among men." (1486-1)

Even Edgar Cayce wondered about his next lifetime. When he asked about his next incarnation, he was told:

"As to when - it may be perhaps a hundred, two hundred, three hundred, a thousand years - as you may count time in the present. This may not be given. For how gave He? The day no man knoweth, ONLY the Father in heaven knoweth it..." (294-189)

Ann Jaffin - blog photoPast Lives and Present KarmaAnn Jaffin, MS, a former teacher, is an A.R.E. Life Member, and a forty-year student of Edgar Cayce’s work. In a stunning karmic “coincidence,” Ann and her husband discovered that 20 Cayce readings were given for their extended family. Her book, "Past Lives and Present Karma," published by A.R.E. Press, is a comprehensive study of reincarnation.  She and her husband, Stan are this year's featured speakers at Wildacres Retreat held in North Carolina. Retired from the Federal Government, Ann has a Masters Degree in Family and Community Development from the University of Maryland.

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