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New Year's Resolutions

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New Year's Resolutions
By Alison Ray

As we prepare in anticipation for the New Year, I am reminded of how this time is great for taking a personal inventory and making resolutions for improvements such as eating healthier, meditating more often, and getting along with difficult people.Fireworks New Year This has remained a tradition for the past seventy years or more based on the correspondence between Edgar Cayce and the people for whom he gave readings which are available in the background documentation and reports of the readings.

One woman shared her New Year's resolutions for 1940 with Mr. Cayce. Report 464-29 documents her letter and Mr. Cayce's response including his resolution for the New Year. 

Mrs. 464: I have made two resolutions for the New Year...no swearing or calling any one any bad names, and when I told Bee [her daughter] she gave me a scornful look and said "you know right well, the first time you catch sight of Mrs. Yitherington, you will forget all about resolutions and the air will be full of brimstone." ...Mrs. Yitherington is...somewhat of a liar and with a few screws loose here and there. She lives next door and gets on my nerves... The sight of her is like shaking a red rag at a bull.

So I began to take stock of myself. Seeing that it is the time of the year to make resolutions, hoping that by diligent practicing I could overcome my tendencies of the use of expressive language on short time order... My greatest fear will be forgetfulness and a throw back. I am sorry to say that I lack spiritual refinement...

To which Mr. Cayce replied: Your New Years' resolutions are very interesting to say the least–and tho you might under stress as Bee says skip over and let loose before you realized it. The try is the thing—am very sure for most of us if God doesn't count our trying-for-righteousness—we will all fall very far short—but am persuaded HE does just that. So am sure you will find a great deal of fun also in your experiment─ may we call it, but am sure a lot of help will come to you for the try.

...my one New Years' resolution is to eat whatever they set before me–without remarks as to what [I] would like to have had—guess the Madam [Mrs. Cayce] does get tired of complaints—so here is hoping no more from me. Don't know how long will hold out—can dream—and try at least can't I...

Just hope you have a lot of fun holding on to your resolution...

With all good wishes—and hoping all the good things you have wished for come to you with the New Year.

Sincerely, Edgar Cayce

All of us at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. wish you the very best in the New Year. May all the good things you have wished for come true.


A Deeper Appreciation of Christmas

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A Deeper Appreciation of Christmas
from the Edgar Cayce Readings

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce on December 20, 1936, between 3:20 and 3:50 p.m. EST. Requested by those present: Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Stenographer; Hannah Miller, Florence and Edith Edmonds, Frances Morrow, Hugh Lynn Cayce, Helen Storey, and Helen Ellington.

Gertrude Cayce: You will have before you the members of the Norfolk Study Group #1 who have gathered here seeking a reading which will give them a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the birth of Jesus, the Christ, which will be celebrated this week as Christmas 1936.

Edgar Cayce: Yes, we have the group as gathered here and their desires and their seeking as a group, as individuals.

In giving to these…those conditions as surrounded that ye call the first Christmas… While to you it may be a first Christmas, if it were the first then there would be a last… For time never was when there was not a Christ and not a Christ mass.

But in giving that interpretation of what this Season means—that birth of Jesus as became the Christ—to this world…much has been recorded…by the writers of the Gospel, especially by Luke; but little perfect concept may be gathered except ye…seek to experience what such an advent meant or means to thy life as an individual.

Giotto Adoration of the Magi- Wikipedia

For knowledge…and the wisdom that is presented in that happening are two different things. What ye hear ye may believe, but ye will rarely act as if ye believed it unless ye have experienced and do experience that "God so loved the world as to give His Son" to enter into flesh, that flesh, that man, might know there is an advocate with the Father; and that—as ye in thy material experience see—Life coming from out of nowhere to enter into materiality, to become a living expression of those promptings of the heart…

That is the purpose for which it has entered—to give the more perfect concept of the relationships of man to the Creator.

Such we find as that happening in Bethlehem of Judea ages and years ago, when that channel had so dedicated itself to the service of her Maker as to become mother, wherein the whole world is shown that this must come to pass in the experience of those who would make themselves channels through which the Holy Spirit of God may manifest; that the world may know that He, God the Father, keepeth His promises with the children of men!

And the hour approaches…and His Star…appeared—and the angels' choir, and the voices of those that give the Great Message!

Who heard these, my children? Those that were seeking for the satisfying of their own desires or for the laudation of their own personality? Rather those close to nature, to the hours of meditation and prayer, and those that had given expression, "No room in the Inn!" For no inn, no room, could contain that as was being given in a manifested form…

Only then to those that sought could such a message come, or could there be heard the songs of the angels, or that music of the spheres that sang, "Peace on Earth—goodwill to men!"

Hugo Van der Goes - WikipediaFor this, then, is in every birth—the possibilities, the glories, the actuating of that influence of that entrance again of god-man into the earth that man might know the way.

Thus this comes at this time to bring to the hearts and minds of those of that Glad period the fact that not only 1900 years ago but today, He may be born into thine own consciousness, thine own understanding; He comes unto His own!

Art thou His? Have ye claimed Him? Have ye put on the Christ, even as was and is exemplified in that life, that birth, that death of Jesus, the Christ?

For He is thy Elder Brother, He is the babe in thy heart, in thy life; to be…nourished in the heart, in body, in mind. And indeed do His words become more and more then of meaning, "As ye do it unto the least of these, thy brethren, ye do it unto me!"

For as ye behold the face of thy friend, of thy neighbor, of thy foe, yea thine enemy, ye behold the image of thy Savior.

For ye are all His, bought not only with the birth of the God-Child into flesh but with the death —that ye might know that He…is the Way to the Father in this material plane.

For as He chose to enter, so ye have entered. As He chose to live, so may ye live. As He chose to give of Himself that there might be a greater understanding, a greater knowledge; yea, the showing forth of the wisdom of God that God is love, poured forth upon the children of men in this experience.

And as these changes come and as ye make known that as has been the raising of that consciousness of His Presence in thine experience, by thy dealings with, by thy conversation with, by thy life with thy fellow man, so may ye hasten the day when He, Christ, may come into thine own heart, unto His own peoples, to reign; yes, in the hearts and lives!

Then indeed should each of you at this Glad Season make the hearts of others Merry by thine own happiness in the birth, the life, the death of thy Jesus, thy Christ!

Know this had no beginning in the 1900 years ago, but again and again and again! And it may be today, He may be born into thy consciousness; not as a physical birth—but each moment that a physical birth is experienced in the earth is an opportunity for the Christ-entrance again!

Then what are ye doing about it in thy daily life, thy daily conversation? For not by might nor in power, but in the still small voice that speaks within, ye may know as He hath given so oft —"Peace—it is I! Be not afraid, it is I," thy Savior, thy Christ; yea, thyself meeting that babe in thine own inner self that may grow even as He to be a channel of blessings to others!

For as ye do it unto others ye do it unto Him.

May the Peace, the Joy of His Consciousness, His Presence, His Joy be thine this day; yea, all thy days in the earth! For He is nigh unto thee, He is in thy midst!

Praise ye the Lord that gave, then, His Son; that ye might know Him!

We are through.

Edgar Cayce Reading 262-103

The Snake Box

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The Snake Box
By Tina Erwin

Those [dreams] that make such an impression on the conscious forces as to become a portion of the mental activities...should be interpreted. (Edgar Cayce Reading 294-40)

As we see, all visions and dreams are given for the benefit of the individual, would they but interpret them correctly... (Edgar Cayce Reading 294-15)

All dreams have potentially several interpretations. However, there are some dreams that seem to offer the dream traveler with some pretty straightforward opportunities for insight. If we are patient, deliberate and open, we may be able to deduce quite readily the larger meaning of many dreams. Recently, a friend shared her dream with me.

I am in a room with an enormous, open box of snakes. Someone I know is helping me with these reptiles. Upon closer inspection these are huge Timber Rattlesnakes, each one almost six feet long with very big rattles at the ends of their tails.Snake1

My job, with the help of my friend, is to carefully take each snake out of the box. Then with my bare hands, gently put each snake into its own box and send it on its way. I have no idea where the snakes are being sent. I just know that I have to prepare them for their departure: I have to handle each one.

I am conscious that fear is not my friend; that using the power of peaceful reassurance and an aura of kindness and care will keep each snake calm while I handle it. As I pick one up rattlesnake after the other, I can feel the tremendous muscles in their tightly coiling bodies and the texture of their skin. The rattlers don’t know what is happening to them.

I become aware that not a single one of them is ‘rattling’ their tail. They seem curious but calm. Patiently, consistently, I stay the course of my task. Gently, kindly, I pick each one up, deliberately place it in the box, and hand it off to an unseen person for shipment.

Finally, I have finished the task, and then I feel that subtle tingle of fear go down my spine. Somehow one snake has been missed and is crawling up my body inside my clothes to be closer to me. The snake is not threatening, again, merely curious and possibly a bit cold. Again, I gently, deliberately pick up this snake and box it for transport to the correct location.

And then I wake up.

This dream not only answers the question of its meaning, it also offers us an opportunity to consider how our subconscious, super-conscious, and the Divine, communicate with us about what is to come and how we can respond to future events. If we look closely, we can also see how the dreamer’s karmic path becomes visible as well.

The dreamer in this scenario is a spiritual worker in her waking (and probably sleep) state. She works very hard. Sometimes it feels that some difficult things are overwhelming and yet, as a person of faith, she believes that she is divinely guided and she is disciplined enough to listen for that guidance. She is surprised by the crisp clarity of this dream and the critically important fact that even weeks later, she can remember this dream in exquisite detail. Perhaps that element was deliberate. She was supposed to remember that dream for the critical lesson it offered if she was savvy enough to embrace it.

What does that dream mean for her? Perhaps, each snake represents a difficult, potentially dangerous problem that is now facing her or will face her in the coming days and months. The message that comes through loud and clear in that dream is this: if she uses her power, and is courageous, patient, unemotional, and deliberate in handling each problem/snake, she will be fine. She is made to understand that she is not alone in her tasks. There are those seen and unseen people/beings who are dependably there to help her. Truly, she is not alone with even the most dangerous or scary problem/snake, yet the karma is unmistakable: each snake is her karmic responsibility to handle.

In the days and weeks that came after this dream, that is what happened. She handled each problem with the lessons she found in the snake box and she was just fine. She stayed the course, successfully navigating through even the most challenging situation.

She noticed how frequently as she faced a difficulty, she recalled the dream. She was reminded to consider that this difficulty like the previous one before it and probably the next one coming was going to be handled well if she just remembered the lessons of the seemingly terrifying box of Timber Rattlers. She also accepted that these issues were her karma/responsibility to work out and if done with the power of grace and courage, would have a positive and potentially elegant outcome.

God, our Guardian Angel, and our Higher Self work in truly mysterious and often metaphoric ways. Ultimately what might have appeared to be a paralyzing nightmare became a precious dream of great insight and comfort. And for that aspect, she was and will always be truly grateful.

...it is the individual’s job, each individual’s condition, each individual’s position, each individual’s relation, each individual’s manifestation, each individual’s receiving the message from the higher forces themselves, and for each individual to understand if they will study, to show themselves approved. (Edgar Cayce Reading 3744-5)

Do not consider so much what others should do for or to you, but what will you do for and towards others. And realize that all of these must be constructive in their nature. (Edgar Cayce Reading 1889-1)

Tina ErwinTINA D. ERWIN, CDR, USN, Ret. has studied metaphysics all her life to enable her to understand her own psychic abilities. These intense studies were further enhanced by the experiences of a dynamic 20-year career in the Navy, working for the U.S. Submarine Force, retiring at the Commander level. Erwin is the author of the A.R.E. Press book, The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief.

My Victory over Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

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My Victory Over Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
By Sudeshna D. Ghosh

My experience with psoriasis started when I was about 10 (I was born in December 1964) and lived in India. I mostly had lesions in my scalp at that time. We went to several dermatologists and were often prescribed special shampoos or even steroids. But nothing worked as a complete cure. I continued to have these lesions in my scalp that itched, and sometimes bled when I scratched.

In 1992 my husband and I came to the United States. My lesions continued to bother me. In 2004, I started noticing swelling in the middle finger of my right hand. Gradually several other fingers in both hands started to show some inflammation. It took some time to be diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I was given a prescription medicine, but it didn’t give me much relief. I was still looking for a cure when a friend referred me to Dr. John Pagano, a chiropractic physician. My friend had had severe psoriasis all over her hands and legs, but she was quickly recovering because of his dietary regimen and therapies. I saw his treatments working right before my eyes, so I decided to consult with him. All my consultations were over the phone, since he lives in New Jersey and I live in Virginia.

Right at my first consult (sometime around the end of 2005) he asked me to change my diet and stay away from nightshades—tomatoes, peppers, and white potatoes. He also asked me to avoid refined white flour and refined sugars, and gave me a list of foods that can make the body acidic and trigger inflammation. I worked on doing everything he suggested to make my body alkaline. He also gave me shampoos and oils that really helped my scalp. I started doing warm peanut oil packs on my fingers, and bathing in water mixed with peanut oil. I also read his book Healing Psoriasis and implemented the therapies suggested. PsoriasisExamples

Back in 2004 both hands and feet were inflamed, and by 2005 both my knees were affected as well. Then, after consulting with Dr. Pagano, I slowly started seeing results. Natural therapies take extreme discipline and dedication, and results come slowly but surely. It also takes persistence and consistency, which means sticking to the regimen with total faith, and doing the same things day-in day-out, every day, knowing it’s going to work. Positive mental attitude and confidence plays a big role in natural therapies.

One more factor that worked in my favor was taking a supplement with omega-3 fish oil in addition to a multivitamin. I used a pharmaceutical-grade brand, free of contaminants and sourced from wild fish caught below polar ice caps. I also took a probiotic that helped in cleaning my gut of bad bacteria, and populating it with good bacteria.

By the middle of 2006 the inflammation in my joints was reduced considerably, and by the end of 2006 it was completely gone. My scalp lesions which caused such pain for almost 30 years of my life were completely gone! By the middle of 2007, the knee pain was completely gone. Today, November 2010, at age 45, I remain completely cured and completely free of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Because of Dr. Pagano’s dietary regimen and the supplements, my life has been changed. Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis can immobilize and make life a bitter struggle. I am fortunate to have found something that worked for me. My prayer is that many more people afflicted with the disease find solutions that work for them.

Dr.PaganoSudeshna D. Ghosh is a patient of Dr. Pagano’s and an A.R.E. eMember.  John O. A. Pagano, DC, is a chiropractic physician who for 40 years has conducted research on the natural healing of psoriasis and eczema, conditions that afflict millions of people throughout the world. He is the award-winning author of Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative and Dr. John’s Healing Psoriasis Cookbook…Plus! soon to be available in its third printing. His latest book One Cause, Many Ailments: The Leaky Gut Syndrome. He has been a featured guest on many programs including on CNBC’s America’s Talking, NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries, WABC TALKRadio, and WOR’s Dr. Ronald Hoffman Show. His work has been featured in Alternative Medicine and Dermatology Times. Dr. Pagano has lectured on five continents and presented his work at the Parapsychology Society of the United Nations and before the Dalai Lama; 500 international physicians at the First International Conference on Holistic Medicine in Bangalore, India in 1989; and Russian Academy of Science in Moscow in October of 2009. He will be traveling to Paris from January 12-16 with the National Press Club and while there will present a lecture at the Librairie Le Cornaline and book-signing in conjunction with the launch of Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative in the French language. You can learn about Dr. John Pagano and his work online at Psoriasis-healing.com.

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