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Maintaining a Light Worker's Awareness

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Maintaining a "Light Worker's" Awareness
by Kevin J. Todeschi

One group of readings from the Cayce files that has always fascinated me are the "World Affairs" readings (the 3976 series), which deal with such topics as relationships between countries, the strengths and weaknesses of various nations, and the future possibilities for people around the world. Given between 1921 and 1944, most of these readings on world affairs deal with challenges that were on people's minds at the time: the Depression, growing global conflicts, and the possibilities of peace even for a world at war.

Lights- from Hubble shotThe other day I came across one of these readings shortly after speaking to a member who called to suggest that there were things we might do as an organization to inspire "Light Workers" around the world—things we might communicate to encourage people even in the face of current global challenges. The reading seemed very synchronistic and connected to what our member had been calling about. In 1942 in the midst of a world at war, Cayce was asked to do a reading on a "spiritual and practical concept for World Peace, giving suggestions for individuals and group operations to make it effective." (Reading 3976-27)

Cayce began the reading by suggesting that too often in the history of the world conflicts had arisen because groups and nations had attempted to use power to satisfy and gratify their personal ideas—ideas that took into account the needs of only a few. The reading posed a question, "Then, what right has any man to set state or nation above that principle of brotherly love?" An opposite approach recommended by the readings was to begin instead "spreading the fruits of brotherly love, kindness, patience…" In spite of appearing to have little impact upon the world as a whole, Cayce promised that this approach could eventually transform the world: "peace in the world must begin first within the heart and purpose and mind of the individual…[for] as individuals change themselves and their interactions with one another, eventually the world cannot help but follow."

Cayce told those in attendance that even when threats of war and terrorism seemed to undermine the possibilities of peace, there was still much they could do individually to help transform the globe: "This means, then, that you may so live the life as He emulated in the earth, that ye radiate life, joy, peace! that which casteth out fear—by living, by being, by doing unto others, for others, that ye would like others to do unto you." However, Cayce's advice was that in order to be effective, this consciousness had to be applied: "Ye cannot pray 'Peace—Peace' when there is no peace in thine own heart and soul!"

When asked about the challenge of "religious differences," Cayce responded that there had been "more wars, more bloodshed … over the racial and religious differences than over any other problem! These, too, must go the way of all others; and man must learn—if he will know the peace as promised by Him—that God loveth those who love Him, whether they be called of this or that sect or schism or ism or cult! The Lord is One!"

Not too long ago, I was at a conference when the topic of world peace came up. For a few, that conversation turned to something along the lines of "yes, that kind of a world would be wonderful but…”  and then some of the challenges were brought up as to why a world at peace is not possible right now. The readings would suggest that we need to keep in mind that total peace may not be feasible for the Whole at all times, but that it is possible in our own lives even now. In fact, as individuals begin coming together, building peace in their lives, they will inevitably have an impact upon the whole world.

Perhaps this is the kind of encouragement that light workers need in the face of world news that suggests the impossibility of impacting a world's many challenges: simply the knowledge that individual activity impacts the world, in spite of appearances to the contrary. Actually, the readings suggest that the world would slowly transform and fulfill the promises of an Aquarian Age in a way that most individuals would not even know what was occurring. It is not that one day we will wake up and see that peace and love toward all has arrived. Instead, it must be built "line upon line" by each individual in her or his daily life. This transformation in consciousness will be so subtle that Cayce told a 41-year-old housewife in 1939 that "only those who accept same will even become aware of what's going on about them!" 1602-3. Let each of us—as potential lights to one another—hope to be among that number. 

Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records Kevin TodeschiKEVIN J. TODESCHI is Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. He is also the author of numerous articles and more than 20 books, including Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates, and The Rest of the Noah Story.  

The Karmic Savings and Loan – Looking Through Edgar Cayce’s Other Door

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Looking Through Edgar Cayce’s Other Door
By Tina Erwin

Readings SofaEdgar Cayce has been described as America’s “Sleeping Prophet.” He acquired this astounding reputation because he had the ability to fall asleep to give a “reading” to a person who requested help. He discovered at an early age that he could completely absorb the contents of a book if he placed the book under his pillow as he went to sleep. Cayce was also known to provide information about his own health situation when he arose in the morning. Quite literally, he gave new meaning to the phrase “I’ll sleep on it.”

Edgar Cayce was a very humble and profoundly spiritual man, spending his lifetime studying the Bible. He was also a person who was, frankly, not well educated. His formal education never extended beyond junior high school. He also did not spend his days studying medicine, or modern (much less ancient) history. Yet, Cayce was able to provide over 14,000 “readings” that can only be described as astounding. His topics ranged from what happened in Atlantis to a detailed diagnosis of a sick person, anywhere in the world, through the process of remote viewing, to providing information on future world events.

Many have asked the question: where did this information come from if Cayce himself did not have the educational background to provide it? This gives us a chance to look through Edgar Cayce’s “other door,” and that door opens to the other dimensions of the spiritual world.

Was someone else speaking through Edgar Cayce when he seemed to be asleep? Actually if we look at the Cayce phenomenon with an open mind, it would appear that another intelligence, not currently of this Earth, but extremely well acquainted with this planet, was using Edgar Cayce as a conduit for information. We are reasonably confident it was not Cayce personally speaking. First of all, from a linguistic point of view, the syntax and speech patterns are not modern, and are often awkward to understand. This was not the speech pattern of Edgar Cayce. Second, Cayce had no memory when he awoke of what he had said. Finally, the source of the readings answered this question for Cayce and others who asked. In reading 440-12, a man asked who had helped obtain the information which he received, and the answer was, “These have been rather of the universal…Not from the lower sources.” In reading 254-97, it is clearly explained that “there is the differentiation between communications from individuals or entities and the universal consciousness.”

We have to come to the conclusion that Edgar Cayce was a man so pure of heart that he could be “used” as a conduit for this information by ”the universal consciousness.” While Cayce was giving readings, it is safe to say that he was never asleep. He was in what is known as deep trance. When a person is in trance, he or she allows another spiritual intelligence to enter and use their body for the purpose of acquiring and sharing information. This is why the host person has no memory of what is said, because the host was not consciously speaking. The host gets him- or herself out of the way and lets someone else quite literally take over their body. In reading 254-67 “the entity Edgar Cayce” was described as being able to “wholly subjugate the physical consciousness as to allow the use of physical organs that may be attuned to all realms that pertain to psychic or mental or spiritual influences in the realms about the entity.” Thus, in a reading for himself, Cayce was told, “Be satisfied with nothing short of a universal consciousness, guided or guarded by the Lord of the Way, or the Way itself….Why be satisfied with a lesser portion than a whole measure?” (294-140)

So when we wonder, was the speaker an Angel or a Divine Being? Was he or she a person who no longer took on a mortal body? Perhaps we can take a peek through Mr. Cayce’s spiritual door. Through his experience, we are offered proof that there are Divine Intelligences on the other side of the mortal veil. They are real. Their existence is eternal and they are available to each and every one of us as well. Reading 254-30 affirms this: “All force is as one force. Hence the universal forces. All knowledge is one knowledge. Hence may be attained from the universal force or knowledge.”

Perhaps in our own humble way, we too, can connect to the Divine through our own daily spiritual practice of heartfelt prayer sent out to heal the world. The more we pray, the more we, too, connect to the Divine. The more we connect to the Divine, the more real, the more tangible those Divine realms become to us, as well as the beings who actually inhabit those realms. Perhaps there were many reasons for the events of Edgar Cayce’s life to play out the way they did. Possibly one of those reasons was to elegantly and compassionately offer us a peek through that spiritual door and glimpse the everlasting hope of life, love, and personal spiritual service.

Edgar Cayce used his powerful psychic ability from a place of the utmost integrity. He is one of the finest examples any of us can study in just exactly how to use any spiritual ability and hold ourselves up to the highest karmic/spiritual standards. He did not promise what he could not deliver. Cayce was honest in what he could and could not do for someone, and he realized that he could not heal everyone. No one could do that, not even the Christ, because not even Christ could randomly remove the karma of another person.

Edgar Cayce was truly the finest steward of the psychic and spiritual ability that he had. He was a humble man with a deep and powerful love of Christ, the Divine, and the spirit world. Cayce also loved all people of all religions so much that he would often sacrifice himself to help a person in great need. In the crazy world we live in, perhaps now and then it is a good practice to study those more spiritually advanced souls who walked among us, and follow their example of outstanding spiritual stewardship.

Tina ErwinTINA D. ERWIN, CDR, USN, Ret. has studied metaphysics all her life to enable her to understand her own psychic abilities. These intense studies were further enhanced by the experiences of a dynamic 20-year career in the Navy, working for the U.S. Submarine Force, retiring at the Commander level. Erwin is the author of the A.R.E. Press book, The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief.

How to Develop Your Psychic Ability- Part2

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How to Develop Your Psychic Ability Part 2
By Edgar Cayce

[Note: The following article is based on a lecture given by Edgar Cayce on 6/30/1932 at his home in Virginia Beach for the First Annual Congress of the A.R.E. It is included in the report document for reading 5752-2.]

Another definition of psychic forces would be found by comparing the finite and the infinite. These convey entirely different impressions to our minds.

Edgar Cayce How to Develop Psychic AbilityThe finite mind pertains wholly to our faculties or abilities—which may feed the soul, provided we give it whatever may build to sustain its life. But the infinite mind, about which the first question would be, "How can you know the infinite?" cannot be discerned through reason. It is the finite mind which tries to reason, to distinguish and to define by comparison—processes which are only a portion of the faculties called psychic forces. Thus infinite mind is outside the realm of ordinary reasoning. We can comprehend the infinite only by a faculty that is superior to reason. That faculty is the psychic force. One must enter a state in which the finite self no longer exists!

So often we pray as did the old lady who prayed for the hill to be moved; and every morning she looked out and said, "It is still there. I knew it would be."

We haven't gotten out of our finite reasoning self, so that the infinite can come in and aid. We must develop the faculty between the finite and the infinite, so that the infinite may become a portion of us. We seek to become one with the infinite by the reduction of our soul to its simplest self—its divine essence—and realize this union and identity.

Now, we might well go back and question how man developed this personality (finite) and how he lost his individuality, by losing the place he occupied with his Creator, in the beginning. This individuality is ever seeking to find expression through the faculties with which man has been endowed; for through these there may come expressions of the infinite, or God, into our lives.

We know that we have gradually lost our association, by our inability to close off our outer finite selves. In other words, we have thought so much about ourselves and the supplying of the needs of the physical, that we have gratified the fleshly desires until we have forgotten there is still an association of our soul with its Maker. That association is what we may choose to term psychic forces, or psychic abilities.

No one would deny that such faculties may be used by those who lose their physical consciousness; or that they may be discerned in a gathering which has been attuned to influences from within or without.

When we attempt to be very close to—or even on speaking terms with—our God, do we expect an answer? When we pray, do we always expect to get an answer? We must lose the finite self and be willing to be used, in whatsoever way or manner He sees fit. "Enoch walked with God, and he was not; for God took him." He was not found among his brethren, because his faith was counted to him for righteousness. If our faith or if our abilities for that psychic faculty we all possess have been so abused and we have allowed them to be ridiculed because we see visions or hear things; then we have built a barrier which prevents the faculties latent within each individual from developing us toward the Infinite.

All that tends to purify and elevate the mind will assist us in this attainment, and will facilitate the approach and reoccurrence of these happy conditions. There are, then, different roads by which this end may be reached. The love of beauty which exalts the poet; that devotion to the One; that ascent of present science which makes the ambition of the philosopher; that love and those prayers by which some devout and ardent soul tends in its moral purity towards perfection—these all are the great highways conducting to the heights above the actual and the particular, where we may stand in the immediate presence of the Infinite which shines out from the depths of the soul.

The adherence to and developing of the ability to see and appreciate the beautiful, the pure, and the lovely in everything and everybody we contact—everything within the scope of what affects our body, mind and heart—will develop in us the abilities to be in closer attunement with the Infinite. And this is developing our psychic abilities within.

The answer comes to each one of us, as to whether these abilities are worth developing or not. If we have the proper conception of what psychic means, then we know it is a faculty which exists—has existed, and is ours by birthright; because we are sons and daughters of God. We have the ability to make association with the Spirit; for "God is Spirit and seeks such to worship Him." John 4:23

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How to Develop Your Psychic Ability Part 1

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How to Develop Your Psychic Ability  Part 1

By Edgar Cayce

June 30, 1932


[Note: The following article is based on a lecture given by Edgar Cayce on 6/30/1932 at his home in Virginia Beach for the First Annual Congress of the A.R.E. It is included in the report document for reading 5752-2.] ECSmiling

Unfortunately, we have all come to think of "psychic" as something very unusual, especially since the dictionary gives as one definition of psychic as follows: "having abnormal powers, especially the power of automatic writing or of conversing in a trance."

If we understood the real meaning of psychic forces, however, we would have a different conception as to the significance of developing such powers within ourselves. Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not, all of us have psychic forces. Whether we want to develop them or not is a different question.

When people go about to develop any special ability or faculty, we know that they go into training with that object in view. One training for the prize ring has certain things that must not be done. In order to develop the ability to use some portion or function of the physical body, specific preparation must be made. One developing the voice trains that special ability or faculty. Certain rules must be followed in order to sing, to play the violin or piano.

What is that faculty which goes through the process of being trained? Is it simply a portion of the physical body?

As we begin to develop such faculties or abilities latent within every individual - such as discernment of color, or the differentiation in how to apply it to visualize or picturize for others something we have seen in nature - these faculties partake of more than just the ability to draw the hand across the palette, the canvas or a piece of paper. Something within is being expressed. What gives the expression? Our psychic forces!

Now let me give you just what "psychic" means and say how it should be properly used. Do not think that every person you hear spoken of as "psychic" has something very peculiar about him; for you are afflicted with the same condition! You are just as peculiar as he; possibly more so.

Webster gives this primary definition of psychic or psychical: "Of or pertaining to the human soul. Of or pertaining to the living principle in man. Sometimes pertaining to the human soul in its relationship to sense, or to appetite, and the outer visible world as distinct from the spiritual or the rational faculties." The second definition is "Of or pertaining to the mind, the mental contrasted within the physical body."

Perception of the physical mind must come through the senses. Development of a faculty within means development of the acuteness of a sense. We know that what we seek to understand or comprehend reaches us physically through the five senses. As we draw comparisons, we get the differentiation and the ability to evaluate tone or color. Just as a photographic print has to go through a certain process in being made, so in perception we develop the power or ability to discern with the faculty we possess.

People are sometimes afflicted with psychic blindness, consisting of an inability to recognize objects as they are seen. I once knew a man who saw everything upside down. He could not see any other way; everything was upside down to him. He was psychically blind!

There are also those who are psychically deaf, which consists of an inability to comprehend the significance of harmony or sounds heard. We have seen people who were able to hear over a telephone but could not hear while sitting in a room talking with anyone; or they could hear while riding on a train but not while walking down the street. That is because some portion of the psychic functioning in the body is deficient.

Then we know from these things that there is a definite faculty within our bodies which we may call psychic forces, or psychic powers. This faculty pertains to the soul and also to something physical. Hence the great difference in the French and in the Grecian definition of psychic. To the French it means "animal" or "carnal"; while the Grecian meaning is "of the soul life." These two meanings are just as foreign to each other as possible! No wonder we find so many different meanings of the word as used by others!


When we used a word, what do we mean to imply or convey to others? This depends upon the ability of those listening - and also upon our ability to describe, through psychic forces, or through the development obtained through psychic forces. Only like begets like; only like can understand like. It is very hard for an engineer to describe to a musician just what his work is like, or for the musician to describe his work to an engineer. This is because of individual training of physical faculties - but also the portion which gives a perfect understanding or comprehension of those physical faculties: that is, the psychic force. 

There is also such a thing as psychic medicine, that department of science which treats of mental disease. If the psychic forces are not developed, there's something wrong with the mental abilities, something wrong with the abilities to comprehend. Because the ability to feed our souls (and that is why we are here) depends upon our ability to supply ourselves from our surroundings with that which will enable us to develop the power of comprehension within.

If you are a musician, you can easily understand what is meant by psychic rhythm. It is the rhythmic form in which the mind tends to perceive monotonously repeated stimulation. That's why we pray and why we should also pray audibly, because the sound stimulates the ability to awaken our senses, in order to arouse the forces which will strengthen the psychic abilities within.


Family Communications— Being Present for Children

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Family Communications —
Being Present for Children
By Tina Erwin

The ways may be set before thee—the choices must be taken of thine own consciousness. Be aware of what ye would that the Lord would do with thee, what Thou would do with the opportunities, the privileges He hath bestowed upon thee as one of His children.
Edgar Cayce Reading 1470-2

There is an old saying that often elegantly describes how many families communicate. It goes something like this: I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

Confused? Join the club! Families are so busy these days with the mountain of things that just have to be done that they may forget to actually listen to the details of conversations, and then things begin to go awry.

Fammily CommunicationsWhat you frequently find is that people are not emotionally present. Their head is nodding but they are not hearing you. It happens to everyone. Something else is dominating his or her mind and when you think you have his or her attention, in truth, you don’t. Even when you ask the person if they heard you and you get a nod response, that does not mean that they heard you.

Parents get so concerned about their jobs, the family dynamics, keeping up with the neighbors, and managing the politics of life that they miss the little clues that their spouse or kids are giving them that would have tipped them off to a potential problem. Potential problems are not convenient, so it is just easier to nod, or ignore the problem, or just say no, regardless of what it is. The problem is that when you think you can ignore something, it comes back to haunt you later. Sometimes you have to deal with something ‘little’ when it starts and you may discover that taking those few extra minutes prevents/precludes something ‘big’ from ever happening. Let us look at this classic example:

A busy mom is getting her four-year old ready for pre-school. She is stressed. She has a big meeting that morning and she needs her son to hurry. But her son says he doesn’t want to go to school. He hates school. Every other morning he just loves school, but not today. Today he hates it.

Here are her options:

  1. She can yell at him, threaten to punish him and demand that he get ready right now and utterly ignore his adamant refusal to go to school. She can even call him a bad boy.
  2. She can ignore the child’s behavior without comment and shove him in the car, dump him off at school and try to cool down for her meeting.
  3. She* can stop what she is doing completely, sit him down in her lap and look him in the face and calmly and with concern ask him to tell her why he doesn’t want to go to school. This is where it gets really hard. A four-year old often has trouble expressing his feelings. He needs the mom to feel that something is terribly wrong at the school. Surely she knows that he has never behaved like this before. Surely she can see that there is something very wrong here. Her son tries to explain, but he lacks verbal skill and cannot tell her but the look in his deep blue eyes tells her he is afraid – of something. She watches as the tears fill up those precious eyes and spill down his cheeks. These are tears of relief as he feels that she is really listening.

In the first two options, mom’s actions tell the child that she is not hearing him or cannot focus on his needs. She has lost touch with that psychic sense that moms need to have to avert problems. Once she gets to work, she tosses the situation off as an irritation. But it doesn’t go away. Day after day, her son becomes increasingly more adamant that he does not want to go back to that school. Finally he ‘gets sick’ so he won’t have to go to school. Now he is a behavior and a health problem for her—or that is her perception. He is now costing her a lot of time way from work. At no time has she actually listened to what he is trying desperately to tell her in his clumsy four-year old way. The child begins to lose faith in her and their relationship just gets more difficult. This situation was a growth opportunity for both of them and the mom in this case missed it—completely.

In the third option, the mom gets herself out of the way so that she can listen to her son all the way. In that moment, she is completely present so that she can hear this child, on the physical and psychic level. When she does this, she realizes that by analyzing his past behavior, she can see that he is genuinely afraid. He is not making this up. What about her meeting? Hopefully, she has a backup plan and can call a sitter and leave her son home for the day. Organized moms need to have a backup plan with little kids. She goes to work and at lunchtime, she calls the school to let them know that her son won’t be there and to find out how things are. What she discovers chills her: three teachers quit, and now one teacher is responsible for 35 small children. This mom also calls the teachers who quit and discovers to her horror, that the school has changed policy and now leaves these little kids outside in the Charleston, South Carolina summer heat for three hours at a time with no water. They are also yelling at the children. She spends the rest of her lunch locating another pre-school. She has to take some time off to get him installed in a new school but now every morning, he is happy to go to school.

She spent perhaps an extra five minutes of listening to her son initially. Five minutes of time. She was a total of 30 minutes late that day. She was able to have her meeting and she felt good about it. What she discovered about the school validated her faith in her son and her own psychic sense that truly, something was very wrong. Her son was seldom if ever sick in his early years because he did not need sickness to get his mom’s attention. He was also seldom a behavior problem because he was able to communicate his needs and be heard. In fact he was never a behavior problem even through his teenage years. That critically important communication link was kept strong by direct and psychic communication between parent and child.

*I am the mom in option three. This is a true story about my son, James now age 30. I was a Lieutenant in the US Navy at the time and my husband was at sea. This situation taught me the value of believing in my children from the time they were little.

Tina ErwinTINA D. ERWIN, CDR, USN, Ret. has studied metaphysics all her life to enable her to understand her own psychic abilities. These intense studies were further enhanced by the experiences of a dynamic 20-year career in the Navy, working for the U.S. Submarine Force, retiring at the Commander level. Erwin is the author of the A.R.E. Press book, The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief.

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