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Clearing Items of Negative Energy

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Clearing Items of Negative Energy - Part 1


By Tina Erwin

Tina ErwinYou often hear someone discuss the fact that they can feel energy. Sometimes, a very sensitive person may become uncomfortable in an antique store, sensing the various energy signatures [vibrations] coming from everything from the silverware to the furniture. Perhaps what they are feeling is predecessor energy. This is the energy that has been imbedded in an item that was owned by another person. Some people love how old antique furniture feels, others find it quite uncomfortable.


Other people can become exceptionally uncomfortable in homes were someone died a violent death, there was terrible fighting as a precursor to a divorce or terrible physical, mental, emotional or spiritual abuse took place over a long period of time. Those sensitive people probably will not be able to purchase a house like this unless they use the tools provided below, to actually clear that terrible energy and heal that house. Other people will not specifically feel it, but will find themselves affected by this powerful predecessor energy.


Can predecessor energy affect you? Absolutely, of course the energy of other people can affect you. The classic example is the person who buys a house and feels like it is haunted, as if something happened in those rooms that cannot be explained. He or she can feel it. Ask any seasoned real estate agent and he or she will tell you that the darkness that exists in some homes can definitely be felt. One agent would not stay inside a listed home during an open house because it felt so haunted to her.


Some people love antique jewelry, they love the design, the old fashioned jewels and the fact that each piece is unique. Great, but what if the previous owner of that jewelry was murdered, or died a tragic death, or was wearing it when something terrible happened to them? What if they wore it while several things happened to them? What if the memory of the difficulties of that person’s life was so great that even family members did not want to own it? That is precisely why it ended on consignment with a fine jeweler, so that it could be sold to someone else.


You enter the shop and see this lovely bracelet, or ring or pendant. It looks so lovely on you that you purchase it. Probably, you never even washed it in warm soapy water before you used it. The jeweler may have brightened up the gold and the stones and that would have been it. Over time, as you wear it occasionally, you do not notice that various difficulties begin to happen to you while you are wearing that piece of jewelry. You may or may not ever make the connection between the piece of jewelry and your difficulties. This happened to a lady who purchased a gorgeous emerald and diamond ring. It took 10 years to figure out how toxic that ring had become for her.


You buy a piece of furniture from someone who lost everything they owned because they went bankrupt. You get a really good deal. You never notice that from that day forward, you have increasing difficulties financially. Probably, you would not have ‘washed’ the furniture or desk, or chair, or energetically cleaned it in any way.


This can happen to cars as well. All kinds of things happen to cars and happen inside cars. Get a feel for the car on every level before you purchase it and then work on cleaning that vehicle physically and energetically. Millions of people inherit things from positive and negative family members. People buy used items and people buy items made from recycled things. The issue of clearing any item of negative energy is exceptionally important. This is not to make anyone feel paranoid, but you wash your hands, your food and your body because of the negativity you pick up in one day of living. Imagine what a piece of jewelry, furniture, car or house would have picked up in decades of use. When do these things get really, really cleaned physically and spiritually?


The next question is, how do you clean items as large as a house or as tiny as a ring? Part 2 will address this important question.


Tina D. Erwin, CDR, USN, Ret, has studied metaphysics all her life to enable her to understand her own psychic abilities. These intense studies were further enhanced by the experiences of a dynamic 20-year career in the Navy, working for the U.S. Submarine Force, retiring at the Commander level. Her most recent book, The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief , offers hope and help when facing a loss. Erwin currently writes a weekly column on metaphysics called Light Times. 




Earth Changes - Are Psychic Predictions Unavoidable?

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Earth Changes


Are Psychic Predictions Unavoidable?

By Kevin J. Todeschi


One challenge that arises when working with psychic predictions is that they are completely subject to the activities and the free will of those individuals about whom the “prophecy” is foretold. This means that a psychic can make predictions based only upon current events and “thought-forms.” These thoughts and events are then projected onto a future time-line, enabling an effective psychic to “see” the result.

However, because of the very nature of predictions, they are not set in stone, nor are they necessarily unavoidable. When enough individuals combine, utilizing their free will in a positive direction, the potential future “seen” by the psychic is altered. An excellent example of this is the Old Testament story of Jonah. He foresaw the destruction of Nineveh because of the people’s own negative thoughts and deeds. God Himself was not going to destroy the city, rather it was the people themselves who were bringing about a destruction based upon their own selfishness and acts of hate toward one another. In order to help the people, Jonah predicted the city’s downfall. As a result, the people banded together, changed their thoughts and actions, and – through the use of unified free will – altered their foreseen future in less than forty days! The destruction never came, and Nineveh was saved.

We might even say that the people of Nineveh were “destined” to undergo profound personal changes that would give them a greater opportunity to fulfill God’s Will for their lives. It was not that the destruction of the city was inevitable; instead, it was that collective transformation of the citizens was inevitable one way or another. Through the use of free will, the people were able to decide for themselves how their personal change was to be brought about. The people transformed themselves and, in turn, the city, rather than having external events in the city force them to undergo personal change.

One of the most interesting dynamics of people working together is that they can raise the “vibration” of energy and thought to a higher level. Simply stated, this means that literal physical earth changes seen decades ago by Edgar Cayce could now be changes that will occur on a different level. Certainly, some earthquakes will continue to occur as part of the natural physical evolution of the planet. But potentially even more influential changes could come from world-wide political turmoil, economic challenges, wars, and many more “upheavals” that are not necessarily geological in nature. In fact, one of the earth change readings states that the exact nature of what’s coming is yet to be shaped: “As to the changes that are coming...these will, as indicated, depend upon what individuals and groups do about what they know respecting His will, His purpose with man.” (reading #1602-6).






Kevin Todeschi is A.R.E.'s Executive Director and CEO. As both student and teacher of the Edgar Cayce material for thirty years, he is the author of over twenty books, including his most recent, God In Real Life: Personal Encounters with the Divine, and the bestselling Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records. Known for his ability to explain complex subjects in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, Kevin is popular for his insight and his sense of humor.



Beneath the Pyramids

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Beneath the Pyramids

By Andrew Collins

In March 2008 we went on to the Giza plateau and located the entrance to a previously unrecorded cave underworld, entered via an overlooked tomb some distance due west of the Great Pyramid. This find was achieved after piecing together clues left in the 200-year-old memoirs of a nineteenth century British diplomat and explorer named Henry Salt. He recorded how in 1817 he and Italian explorer Giovanni Caviglia entered and explored “catacombs” at Giza for a distance of “several hundred yards” before coming upon spacious chambers and “labyrinthick” passages that penetrated the darkness still further.

Underlying geology hints that this cave system might extend beneath the second Pyramid and link with a whole network of cave tunnels, compartments, and chambers existing all the way down to the Sphinx on the eastern edge of the plateau.

Andrew Collins120x98The existence of the cave tunnels argue that ancient Egyptian mythology is based on truth. Ancient funerary and creation texts speak of the existence in the vicinity of Giza, ancient Rostau, of just such a cave underworld--one through which the soul of the pharaoh had to pass in order to achieve rebirth among the stars. Thus the pyramids were very likely built where they were because of the known presence beneath the plateau of this cave underworld. The pyramid’s cave-like passages enabled symbolic access to this underground realm, where the soul of the pharaoh, in its role as Osiris, was expected to achieve transformation within a mystical chamber known as the Shetayet, quite literally the “Tomb or God,” called also the Duat n Ba, or “Underworld of the Soul.” This deep structure was thought to exist somewhere in the vicinity of Giza, in what was known as the Duat of Memphis or Duat of Rostau.

Beyond this is the politics and intrigue surrounding the cave discoveries. How were amateurs like us able to make such finds? Why have the caves existence been denied by Egypt’s head Egyptologist? Why has their di  scovery stirred up so much interest worldwide? The clue is that they help fulfill age-old, and more recent, prophecies surrounding the imminent discovery of just such a cave complex at Giza--one that might well provide undeniable evidence of early human activity on the plateau that goes back beyond even the age of the pharaohs.

The book is published by 4th Dimension Press, an imprint of The ARE Press, Virginia Beach, VA and is available at ARECatalog.com .

© Andrew Collins, 2009

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