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Coronary Heart Disease

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The third in a series of discussions from the Cayce health readings.

Coronary Heart Disease
Josephine Adamson, MD, editor

Wellness Wednesday 04-01-2015Coronary heart disease (CHD) causes 25% of all U.S. adult deaths and is the number one killer of both men and women. The small coronary arteries that supply the beating heart with oxygen become partially or completely blocked with calcified and fibrotic fatty deposits (atherosclerosis). When the heart muscle doesnt receive enough oxygen, the person may experience chest pain and a heart attack.

High blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and smoking are key risk factors for coronary heart disease. About half of Americans have at least one of these three risk factors. Other factors that lead to coronary heart disease include diabetes, obesity, poor diet, physical inactivity, and excessive alcohol use.

Location of human heart
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/

Edgar Cayce gave 54 readings encompassing the full range of this disease process: from those he warned of the early stages of atherosclerotic plaque formation, to one man who had already had two heart attacks. The Edgar Cayce readings propose that these "growths ...of an insidious nature" result from a combination of poor eliminations, an unbalanced circulation, and a diet productive of an "excess of avoirdupois" or fat in the bloodstream.

The readings describe two factors that play a role in developing atherosclerotic plaque: diet and improper balance in fat digestion. First was diet, which is now known to play a direct role in determining our blood cholesterol levels. The Cayce readings consistently recommended a diet that recent discoveries have shown to lower blood cholesterol.

The second factor, balance, is a bit more complicated.  A combination of factors in the body could produce "a lack of balance in the chemical forces of the assimilating system" and affect the lacteal ducts in the small intestine. The majority of fats—unlike proteins and carbohydrates, which go through the bloodstream to the liver—are absorbed through the lacteal ducts into the lymph circulation before eventually joining the blood. Cayce implied that fats at times were absorbed incorrectly and that this could also contribute to the formation of these "lymph pockets" (a fascinating reference to the atherosclerotic plaques since the lymph carries the digested fat). The liver and colon are unable to process the fatty toxins that form the atherosclerotic lesions and, in the later stages of the disease, place a direct burden on the heart.


The Cayce readings approach to coronary heart disease included the following major areas:

  1. DIET—The three most common dietary changes suggested in the Cayce materials were the elimination of red meat, fried foods, and fats. Numerous contemporary studies have shown that eliminating these foods will lower one’s total blood cholesterol and improve the ratio of "good" to "bad" lipids in the blood. In one reading, he told the individual that the fats in chicken and seafood (as opposed to those in red meat), along with olive oil, would be beneficial. Current research has demonstrated that fish oil and monounsaturated fats (like olive oil) can decrease one’s risk of coronary heart disease.
  2. OSTEOPATHIC MANIPULATIONS AND MASSAGE—The Edgar Cayce readings proposed that bodywork would help balance the circulation and the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system and play a role in lowering blood pressure, all decreasing strain on the heart. Health researchers have found sustained decreases in blood pressure following a series of massage sessions.
  3. AVOIDING CONSTIPATION/USE OF COLONICS—Colonic irrigation of the colon was recommended for 27 individuals in all stages of CHD. The role of this cleansing was to improve the eliminations and help remove "poisons" from the bloodstream. Modern dietary recommendations all include increasing the amount of fiber in the diet. 
  4. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY—The Cayce readings recommended rest to individuals who were experiencing chest pain and other clinical symptoms of CHD. Activity or excitement places a stress on the heart and causes the heart muscle to require more oxygen. As the condition improved, activity could be gradually increased. The readings also suggested that those people with heart disease who were resting spend more time outdoors. In contrast, for one individual with only early pre-symptomatic disease, exercise was recommended as being useful.
  5. RADIO-ACTIVE [RADIAL] APPLIANCE—The readings recommended the use of a radial appliance to 10 individuals. This device, which consists of a capacitor and a resistor in parallel, was said to use the body’s own electrical force to help equalize the circulation. It was also seen as being helpful "to quiet and ease the body without disturbing the other portions of the system." Some basic research done on this device found no currents or voltages in the wires connected to an individual. Research on how this device might help balance an individual’s circulation would be interesting.
  6. ABDOMINAL PACKS—Different types of abdominal packs, like castor oil packs, were recommended to help the liver to function properly and to encourage movement in the digestive system.
  7. MEDICATION—The Cayce readings presented a fairly balanced perspective on the use of medication with CHD. The readings recommended one individual gradually taper his medication, but encouraged another five people to continue their medicine.

healthy-diet 040102015

The Cayce readings were ahead of their time (1905-1944) in describing the important lifestyle changes that doctors recommend today. Recommended dietary changes—eliminating red meat and fried foods, adding healthy monounsaturated fats, eating more fish—certainly are in line with current studies that emphasize a plant-based "Mediterranean" diet with no processed or fried foods. The readings also encouraged daily exercise and outdoor activities to prevent heart disease. The Cayce materials and modern medicine also agree that stress reduction and a positive attitude are important in decreasing the chances of dying from this common disease.

JJosephine Adamson, MDJosephine B. Adamson, MD, MPH, CMT, is the Medical Director for Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. She received her MD from Duke University’s School of Medicine and Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina and is a graduate of the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage. A director and co-owner of a medical device company, she has a wealth of experience creating and maintaining health-related non- profit and for-profit businesses. She joined A.R.E. as part of the organization’s renewed focus on the health information, one of the most important, enduring legacies from the Edgar Cayce readings. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the health outreach and administration and interfacing with the stellar staff of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage—which provides a comprehensive education in the art and science of therapeutic massage—and the holistic A.R.E. Health Center & Spa—which provides holistic therapies to clients from around the world in its oceanfront Virginia Beach, Va., setting complete with a Café.

A.R.E. Members can download several circulating files—a collection of verbatim Edgar Cayce readings and reading extracts carefully selected and arranged by topic—on Hypertension, and Heart: Coronary Thrombosis(Coronary Heart Disease]) from our online member section.


Colorful Cuba: A Spiritual Journey

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Colorful Cuba: A Spiritual Journey
Angela Stroup, RN, MA, CHT

CarsAfter days of touring Havana, my husband Tom and I and the other travelers on the A.R.E. Tour—including John Van Auken, our tour leader—embarked on a journey to a less affluent community. We saw a different side of Havana's people. Our group of spiritual seekers made the trip ideal on our tour, which was conducted by the outstanding company Conscious Cuba, run by Francis Harrison.

We stayed at a luxurious Havana hotel near a popular gathering place—the Malecón seawall, four miles long. Sites seen included beautiful buildings, balconies, women in costumes, artists, museums, gardens, historical buildings, and revolutionary parks—all were filled with color, beauty, and laughter. We were amazed at the pristine 1950s American cars Cubans have maintained despite a lack of parts, and found Cubans to be warm and welcoming. After I asked a nurse's permission to take her photo, because I was delighted to see her nursing cap, she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

We walked the narrow streets of the impoverished neighborhood to The 'Cabildo Quisicuaba' Community Project, an area infrequently visited by tourists. People of all ages filled the streets, some busy on a quest to obtain hard-to-get provisions and others relaxing. Three elderly men sat in front of an old TV watching Cuba's favorite sport, baseball.

CubanDancingWe were warmly welcomed by Enrique Gutierrez, the president of the project, a medical doctor and a doctor of anthropology. He told us the project's ambitious goals: to create a healthy social space to promote intelligence and creativity, while being aware of the residents' vulnerabilities. A non-profit and non-proselytizing interfaith effort, it is based on what the doctor describes as the "Cuban Religions of the African Matrix."

The goal is to influence individual and collective life, prioritizing high-risk populations such as the LGBT community, at-risk youth, the elderly, domestic abuse victims, and former prisoners. They teach prevention of HIV, conduct anti-bullying projects, and promote the traditional popular culture, local history, and human values. Creative pursuits are foundational and cultural celebrations are frequent.

His sincere nature and the magnitude of his goals touched me. As we rose to go into the next room to meet the four "mediums," the leaders of the spiritual community, I felt the surprise of tears. In the dimly lit room a group of three men and one woman greeted us. They deeply appreciated our interest. One of the men explained to the group that he is deaf but hears everything we say in his heart. I could not stop my tears.

Our last stop was a small room that is difficult to describe. Imagine every religious symbol, icon, and statue that represents the search for God, meaning, comfort, and guidance, all there, festooned with lights, taffeta, ribbons, and photos of the doctor's revered ancestors. My heart and soul opened. Dr. Enrico touched my hand and our spirits connected. I searched for a reason for my tears and a few days ago Spirit whispered in my ear, "You cried because you recognized me in those who are unselfishly giving love and comfort to others." Seeing the face of God manifesting itself in Cuba was not what I expected. The oneness of all in the love of God knows no boundaries.

AngelaAngela Pane Stroup, RN, MA, CHT is an award-winning artist, writer, and public speaker. She is a dancer, jewelry designer and retired medical school professor. In her holistic healing practice―HEAL―she mentors clients using hypnotherapy, past life regressions, art, movement, energy healing, and intuitive readings. She facilitates a variety of workshops on topics such as holistic health, creativity, and “Growing Older and Bolder.” An A.R.E. member and student of the readings, she is currently creating a series of paintings derived from her experiences on the trip to Cuba. Her art website is AngelettaArt.com

March 2015 Update

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March 2015 Update
From the Desk of Kevin J. Todeschi

This is my update for March 2015 to A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in the new and exciting trends occurring within Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Atlantic University. A number of exciting things are happening this month! Please share the following with your friends:

Create Capstone

In January, we moved into the final, “Capstone Year” of our $30 million CREATE Campaign (capital, endowment, and program support)… and we have raised just over $27 million – just $3 million to go! With the Cayce Hospital renovations successfully completed and $6.2 million raised already toward our $7.5 million capital projects goal, we now need to raise an additional $1.3 million to renovate our Library and Conference Center (new restrooms, HVAC system, Library carpeting, expanding the auditorium, parking improvements, and upgrades throughout the building). Donors of $500 or more to the project will be listed on our Stairway to Heaven. You are still supporting our various programs and our day-to-day operations through your annual donations as well. Thank you! We have raised almost $20 million for these great programs already. Join us for our CREATE Campaign “Capstone Year” Celebration event on Friday, March 27 from 5:00-7:00 in the Cayce/Miller Café and get inspired to throw in your support to help us reach this ambitious goal.

ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY – Registration now open!
Atlantic University’s mission is to provide high quality learning in an online environment which integrates the body, mind, and spirit for a holistic education. The programs offered help people achieve higher human potential and transform their lives, better understand their relationship to all life, and be of profound service to others.

Summer 2015 registration is opens March 16, and runs through April 17. To find out more about Atlantic University and the programs offered, go to www.AtlanticUniv.edu.


The Cayce Reilly School of Massage is excited to publish our new website on Friday, March 13th at www.caycereilly.edu. We encourage members to locate a graduate in their area and enjoy a comprehensive Cayce/Reilly massage.

The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage attracts students from all backgrounds and ages, including military veterans, to our exciting and unique holistic massage program. We are the only school in the Tidewater region that has a specialized, institutional accreditation in massage and bodywork, and we also accept Federal financial aid and GI Bill® educational benefits. Students can complete their training in as little as 8 months – our next programs will begin in June and September 2015.

Our Continuing Education program is also thriving, with a number of new courses available to the general public. Please click the link: http://www.edgarcayce.org/ce for more information. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our programs and courses, please contact the school staff at 757-457-7270 or visit www.caycereilly.edu.

The A.R.E. Houston Center will welcome a new employee, Marco Oliver, on April 1st. Marco will work with Ed Jamail and Carl Bohannon to learn all operations of the center and the spa. Antoine Oliver, a recent Cayce/Reilly School of Massage graduate, will join therapist Elaine Hruska there in offering a full menu of therapeutic spa services.

A.R.E. online courses are designed to allow the participant to focus on your spiritual growth and personal enrichment from the comfort of home. With 24/7 access to all lesson material, staying connected to a network of like-minded seekers is easy and convenient. The upcoming 2015 schedule is:

  • Rediscovering Happiness: Train Your Mind to Think Positive, March 25 – April 21, 2015, mentored by Josie Varga
  • Achieving Higher States of Consciousness Using Mayan, Toltec, and Aztec Concepts, April 8 – May 5, 2015, mentored by John Van Auken

For more information about eGroups, visit www.edgarcayce.org/egroups, or email: eGroups@edgarcayce.org.

In Headquarters Conferences news, we do have limited seating remaining Caroline Myss and Dr. C. Norman Shealy‘s Medical Intuition: Self-Diagnosis and Healing with Your Body's Energy Systems, program April 17-19, so we encourage you to register now. We are also looking forward to Gregg Unterburger's Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3 Soul Growth events, The Quickening: Leaping Ahead on Your Spiritual Journey and Edgar Cayce and A Course in Miracles: Seeing with the Eyes of the Christ, which will coincide with the release of this new book.

Seabeck Retreat 2015

Field Conferences and Retreats is planning a fabulous 50th anniversary getaway at Seabeck, featuring John Van Auken. Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You: How to Rejuvenate and Illuminate your Body, Mind, & Spirit will occur June 24-28 at beautiful Seabeck in Washington, located on 90 lush acres with sweeping views of Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains, near the Seattle area. Enjoy a lively and enlightening retreat, cozy rustic housing, food, fellowship and fun, all for about $100--or less—a day!

The Health Center & Spa is over-the-hill delighted with its new proximity-partner, the Café! Of course, the spa clients, staff and therapists, along with many other A.R.E. staff and volunteers, are excited to have right at hand the delicious, healthy food that Leaping Lizard creates! One can easily feel that Mr. Cayce is smiling in delight to see his building promoting improved health, just as he wanted. The spa is seeing quite a surge in new local clients – 74 local residents were first-time clients enjoying services at the spa during February alone.

Many of our members may not realize that they can view the wide range of Spa services (and make a reservation!) at the following link: http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/spa/index.aspx [for reservations, click the “schedule an appointment online” link at the bottom of the Page.]

These mystical adventures could soon be featured in your scrapbook or on your Facebook Wall…

  • Southern Spain & Morocco – Led by Peter Woodbury, April 11 -22, 2015. Also offering an optional extension to the Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara Desert, April 22-26, 2015.
  • Old Quebec & Montreal – Led by Patrick and Jane Belisle,
    August 10-16, 2015.
  • China & Tibet – Led by John Van Auken,
    September 15-28, 2015.
  • New Mexico and Mesa Verde – Led by Don Carroll,
    October 24-31, 2015.
  • Cuba 2016 – Our travelers from A.R.E.’s first ever tour to Cuba are back and reporting that it exceeded even their highest expectations! Luscious food, inspiring art and dance, and the welcoming, friendly people of Cuba are beckoning us to return… and so we shall! Mark your calendars! Tentative dates are February 13th – 21st, 2016.

If you would like additional information about any of our travel programs, contact our Travel Programs Administrator, Cheryl Bernath, at tours@edgarcayce.org or by phone at 1-888-2733339!

As spring begins to blossom, consider joining us for the 2015 season at A.R.E. Camp! We have some fantastic programs lined up for our 2015 season, including two fantastic family camps, children’s sessions, and even young adult and adult programs too! Come spend some time in the sundrenched Blue Ridge Mountains this summer, creating magical memories with friends old and new, enjoy programs hosted by popular resource people, hike the surrounding mountains, swim in the cool crisp pond, and live life the Cayce way! To register now, or for more information, visit www.EdgarCayce.org/SummerCamp.

The complete and definitive biography of Edgar Cayce has been reissued by A.R.E. Press with a new cover and a new introduction by best-selling author of Occult America, Mitch Horowitz. Horowitz is also the editor-in-chief of Tarcher/Penguin of the Penguin Groups (publishers of the hardback and eBook editions of There is a River). http://www.arecatalog.com/ProductCatalog/Product/30/There-Is-A-River.

You are the heart of this wonderful work! Thank you for all of your service and your financial support over the years. You recently received a letter from our Board Chair, Art Strickland, telling you about his own personal story of being affected by the A.R.E., and asking for your story about how the Cayce materials have touched your life deeply. Art was urging you to help make a difference in other people’s lives by reaffirming your commitment to the A.R.E. and making a donation to the Golden Circle ($1,000+) or increasing your donation from last year. Your donation of A.R.E.’s Annual Fund will be used to help sustain the wonderful programs and outreach you’ve come to know and love. If you would like to join Art and make a donation this spring, you can do it here: www.edgarcayce.org/donate.

You can also join the Golden Circle using our Good Karma Club, our monthly giving club, by making a donation of $85 or more each month. As you know, being a member of the Golden Circle has its special benefits like unique gifts and events throughout the year (including our annual Donor Appreciation event which will be held June 26 this year at Virginia Beach’s Museum of Contemporary Art): www.edgarcayce.org/donate.

If you are interested in participating in A.R.E. eGroups, peeking in on conferences from the comfort of your own home, or taking part in self-paced courses that will help you remember you past lives, visit our update online calendar of events at this link: http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/online.aspx?id=8301.

If there is any department or activity you would like to hear more about in the next update, please let us know!

Ever the same,

Kevin J. Todeschi
Executive Director and CEO

Type II Diabetes

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The second in a series of discussions from the Cayce health readings.

Type II Diabetes
Josephine Adamson, MD, editor

Health blog 0320`5The Centers for Disease Control estimates that in 2014, 32 million people in the United States had diabetes. Most of these cases were Type ll diabetes. Diabetes usually begins in adults of all races and ethnicities over age 20, and is most common after age 55. Nearly one third of people with diabetes are unaware of their condition, because symptoms may be vague and often develop gradually. Diabetes can damage the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves and decrease life expectancy.

Although there is no known medical cure for diabetes, daily treatment helps control blood sugar and may reduce the risk of complications. Under a doctor's supervision, treatment usually involves a combination of weight loss, exercise, and medication. Some Type II diabetics may require insulin injections.

Diabetes affects the body's ability to use digested food for energy. Diabetes doesn't interfere with digestion, but it does prevent the body from using an important product of digestion—glucose (commonly known as sugar)—for energy.

After a meal the digestive system breaks some food down into glucose. The blood carries the glucose or sugar throughout the body, causing blood glucose levels to rise. In response to this rise, the hormone insulin is released into the bloodstream to signal the body tissues to metabolize or burn the glucose for fuel, causing blood glucose levels to return to normal. A gland called the pancreas, found just behind the stomach, makes insulin. Glucose that the body doesn't use right away goes to the liver, muscles, or fat for storage. In people with Type ll diabetes, the pancreas usually produces some insulin, but the body's tissues don't respond very well to the insulin signal and don't metabolize the glucose properly, a condition called insulin resistance.

The symptoms of diabetes can be hard to identify at first. They may include fatigue, frequent urination (especially at night), and excessive thirst. Other symptoms may include sudden weight loss, blurred vision, slow healing of the skin, as well as gum and urinary tract infections.


Edgar Cayce provided many psychic readings for individuals who meet current criteria for Type II diabetes.

One cause of diabetes mentioned in the Cayce information is nerve damage to the digestive organs (particularly pancreas and liver). The readings describe that damage occurs when the 5th - 10th thoracic vertebrae press on nerve centers. Spinal adjustment (osteopathic or chiropractic) is a primary Cayce therapy for the treatment of diabetes.

Jerusalem Artichoke tubers
Jerusalem artichoke tubers
Source Wikipedia

In addition to spinal adjustments, a root vegetable called the Jerusalem artichoke, also known as the sunchoke, is recommended as a dietary supplement. The readings suggest that eating Jerusalem artichokes may decrease the need for insulin.

Along with spinal manipulations, the recommendation of a plant-based diet, and Jerusalem artichokes, the use of colon hydrotherapy was also recommended to prevent constipation. Moderate exercise was frequently mentioned as well. In the following excerpt, diet is emphasized in addition to moderate general exercise (walking) and specific therapeutic exercise:

(Q) Is the body diabetic?
(A) A tendency.

(Q) What can he do to protect himself against it?
(A) As indicated, the diet—and exercise of specific characters that tend to tone up and to create a balance.

Keep away from meats, save a little fish or fowl. None of vegetables that are of the pod variety. Those of the natures that grow UNDER the ground are preferable, but plenty also of the leafy variety.

And twice each week take the Jerusalem artichoke, about the size of a hen egg; first raw—say on Tuesdays—and the next time cooked, say on Thursdays, but cooked in its own juices (as in Patapar Paper). Only eat one each time, you see. When cooked, season it to make it palatable, but do not eat the skin—save the juices and mash with the pulp when it is to be eaten. Eat it with the meal, of course; whether it is taken raw or cooked. Do not take it between meals, but at the regular meal.

Eat all of the vegetables especially of the leafy variety; such as spinach, kale or mustards and the like. These, too, should be prepared in their own juices—or in Patapar Paper.

Refrain from tea or coffee, especially if milk or cream is used in same; but these may be taken moderately without such. Refrain from any great quantity of butter or butter fats. None of pastries, or pies; though foods that are of the diabetic sugar—proof nature may be at times taken. Or, the use of beet sugar is preferable to cane…

Then the exercise; walking regularly, and a five to ten minute period of exercise morning and evening. This should not be strenuous, nor too great an exertion at one time, but: Raise the arms gently above the head. Then, with the arms lowered to level, stoop—letting the arms not be extended in front or toward the floor but keeping a balance, see? Then placing hands on hips, gently move as to circulate the body upon the lumbar axis.
(Edgar Cayce reading 1963-2)

family walking on beach

Finally, the Cayce health information consistently maintains that the mental and spiritual aspects of health are important. Therefore, the Cayce readings provide some specific recommendations for working with attitudes, ideals, and behaviors from a holistic perspective.

To summarize the Cayce approach to treating diabetes Type ll:

  • Spinal Adjustment to correct any problems that may exist in the nerve supply to the pancreas and associated organs;
  • Basic Diet recommendations focusing on maintaining balance with an emphasis on natural foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Dietary Supplementation with Jerusalem Artichokes to augment the body's natural supply of insulin;
  • Moderate Exercise is encouraged in the form of walking and specific exercises;
  • Colon Hydrotherapy to improve eliminations and functioning throughout the alimentary canal;
  • Ideals Exercise to develop a healing attitude based on spiritual principles.

JJosephine Adamson, MDJosephine B. Adamson, MD, MPH, CMT, is the Medical Director for Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. She received her MD from Duke University’s School of Medicine and Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina and is a graduate of the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage. A director and co-owner of a medical device company, she has a wealth of experience creating and maintaining health-related non- profit and for-profit businesses. She joined A.R.E. as part of the organization’s renewed focus on the health information, one of the most important, enduring legacies from the Edgar Cayce readings. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the health outreach and administration and interfacing with the stellar staff of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage—which provides a comprehensive education in the art and science of therapeutic massage—and the holistic A.R.E. Health Center & Spa—which provides holistic therapies to clients from around the world in its oceanfront Virginia Beach, Va., setting complete with a Café.

A.R.E. Members can download several circulating files—a collection of verbatim Edgar Cayce readings and reading extracts carefully selected and arranged by topic—on Diabetes from our online member section.

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. blog offers opinion pieces from contributors with a wide variety of backgrounds. These opinions are valued and create points of discussion. Opinions expressed in our blog may not necessarily represent the opinion of A.R.E.