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There is a river
There Is a River
Thomas Sugrue


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Rediscovering Edgar

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Rediscovering Edgar
Mitch Horowitz


ec-there is a riverWho was Edgar Cayce, the day-to-day person?


 This past year, I came a bit closer to gaining a feeling in my heart for Edgar the man when I was given the privilege of reintroducing and narrating a new audio and print edition of Thomas Sugrue’s classic biography, There Is a River, jointly published by A.R.E. Press and Tarcher/Penguin.

I spent four days in a small recording booth narrating the full text of Sugrue’s 1942 book, along with my new introduction. There Is a River was the only biography of Edgar published during his lifetime, and the book attracted national attention and established him as the best-known psychic of the twentieth century.

My involvement with the book helped me see Edgar less as a headline-making “miracle worker” than as exactly the person he said he was: a devout Christian, a deeply loyal man of agrarian roots, and a seeker who never knew quite how to understand his psychical gift, yet who Edgar Cayce Headlinesdetermined that his trance readings would either serve the higher good or he would cease them altogether.

Edgar’s self-perception informed Sugrue’s title, from Psalms 46:4: “There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God….” The seer regarded himself simply as a “channel”—a term he was among the first to use—of the Divine flow.

When encountering There Is a River, some readers are taken aback, as I first was, by its degree of family detail. Sugrue dedicates long passages to the marriages and living arrangements of various cousins, in-laws, aunts, and uncles. But I came to realize that this detail grew directly out of Edgar’s literary choices, and the author’s close proximity to him.

Sugrue spent several years in the late 1930s and early 1940s convalescing with Edgar in Virginia Beach, Va. The journalist suffered from a debilitating joint disease and credited Edgar’s readings with prolonging his life. During afternoons together, the men would talk for hours. Sugrue set the general framework of their discussions and augmented them with his own research and interviews. But it was Edgar who directed his biographer to the topics that mattered most to him.

There Is a River could not have been written any other way. For all Edgar’s reputation as a “simple” man, he set his own priorities with an iron determination. Scholar Harmon Bro, who also spent time close to the seer, noted that Edgar stood “ten feet tall” and was “as strong-willed and capable of risks as Captain Ahab in Moby Dick.” Edgar, while gentlemanly, deferred to no one. He could be overheard on the phone telling Hollywood celebrities who wanted a reading that their names would be added to the waitlist like everyone else’s. (Even Franklin Roosevelt’s vice president, Henry A. Wallace, a well-known seeker in mystical realms, sat on Edgar’s waitlist, never receiving his session by the time of Edgar’s death in early 1945.)

sugrueSugrue also devotes many pages to the details of Edgar’s medical readings. These parts of the book amass an important record: First, they capture the primary thrust of Edgar’s career as a healer, and, second, they demonstrate how hard his patients had to work on their own recoveries. Those who got better, Sugrue writes, were often those who followed Edgar’s meticulous treatments as closely as possible. This was not easy. Communication was slow between the healer and his patients, who often lived faraway; there was no Baar Products (today’s supplier of Cayce remedies) or A.R.E. catalogue from which to order materials; physicians were often hostile to the readings and would not assist; and the treatments could consume major parts of a patient’s day.

For all the focus on family and medical matters, Sugrue also maps out a coherent and compelling spiritual vision behind Edgar’s readings. In short, Sugrue finds that the teachings contain a definite theology: Men and women enter this earthly plane from prior incarnations, and are charged with balancing out karmic influences from past lives; eventually—sometimes following many lifetimes of trial, error, and resolution—they rejoin the source of Creation. At the foundation of this cosmic theology is a deep sense of Christian ethics. It has Christ at its epicenter. But Edgar’s theology also provides perhaps the nearest expression we have of a universal faith—one that unites and harmonizes the insights of the major religions, a topic I explore further in my introduction.

Hugh Lynn CayceAnother detail struck me with special poignancy—and it may be why Edgar’s name has remained widely known. After Edgar’s hospital closed, while he reeled from heartache and watched key donors depart, the seer received a renewed sense of purpose from his eldest son, Hugh Lynn.

Hugh Lynn Cayce hit upon a new idea of how the work should be carried out. “Maybe there’s something wrong with us,” he told his father in 1931. “Suppose we stop expecting people to do things for us and start doing for ourselves. The world doesn’t owe us a living because we have a psychic medium in the family; we ought to work for what we get just as everyone else does.”

then and nowHugh Lynn proposed a radical new structure for the nascent Association for Research and Enlightenment. The organization would be member-supported—no more reliance on one or two fickle donors. And members would be motivated to remain involved in order to benefit from the association’s educational resources and services. As Hugh Lynn saw it, A.R.E. would categorize the readings by topic and ailment; assemble a world-class psychical library; publish journals, newsletters, and books; and host conferences and programs. A.R.E. would fulfill its aim of “research and enlightenment”—all of it self-supported by people who felt a shared stake in the organization’s mission.

This was one of the turning points of Edgar’s life. Hugh Lynn’s vision left its mark on A.R.E. and generations of members. The currents of the river did not end with the seer, but now flow through the ongoing reach of his work.

Mitch Horowitz 04 2015A PEN Award-winning historian,Mitch Horowitz is the author of Occult America and One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life. He is vice president and editor in chief at Tarcher/Penguin, which has partnered with A.R.E. Press for the new publication of  There Is a River. Mitch’s audio narration is available from Gildan Media.


Are You Serious About Finding God?

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Are You Serious About Finding God?
Dr. June Avis Bro

"Each entity enters a material experience for a purpose; not accidentally, not by chance. But life and its expressions are purposeful. And each experience is that the entity may become more and more a channel through which the knowledge and the application of Creative Forces may be made manifest..." (Edgar Cayce Reading 1792-2)

Everyone who is drawn to the Cayce readings is either trying to find a way to relate to God, or is well on the way. The best plan I know of to make sure you are on the right track is to join the nearest A Search for God study group. Mr. Cayce told Harmon and me how in 1931, a group of friends from Norfolk came to him and said that they had heard that a man named William Scott Pelley was teaching classes on how to become psychic. They asked Edgar if he would work with them on becoming psychic. He told them, "We’ll see what we can do." He then gave a reading on the request, and the first A Search for God group was born.

First A Search for God group
Members of the first A Search for God group

I’m sure that at least some of them thought they would be given lessons on meditating, breathing, chanting, arranging candles, finding helpful aromas, and concentrating on certain subjects or objects until they began to see and hear things. Though he touched on these things, these were not the main lessons they were to receive.

Strangely enough, the first instruction that was given was a lesson on cooperation, and all 12 lessons were related to the fruits of the Spirit: know yourself, set ideals of the highest order for yourself and hold to them, grow in patience, have faith in the Creative Forces (God), and learn how to truly love one another.

The members were told to begin putting into practice their understanding of cooperation, learning what true cooperation is about from every angle. Don’t just talk about it, he said, practice it until the spirit of cooperation is in everything you think or do. We won’t move on to the next lesson, he told them, until you have worked very hard on this lesson. He went on to say, "As you study these lessons you will share your experiences with one another and then, together, write a book that can help others become psychic." What an ingenious way of getting them to cooperate. I wish every study group would find a way to work together to create a piece of art, compose some music, or write poems or a play about their own growth experiences.

A Seer Out of SeasonThrough the years Harmon and I attended many study groups, most of which treated the session as a mental exercise, reading the material and "ratifying it," as Harmon wrote in his biography of Cayce, A Seer Out of Season. While people seemed reluctant to share their private lives, the original study group members had no such option. They knew that Edgar and the Source of his readings would be able to read them: there could be no hiding or false modesty. They were expected to truthfully report on their experiences and what they had learned, so they could help others.

A Search for God book smOn the other hand, we have participated in study groups in which people did share the deepest parts of their lives: their problems, their joys, their stuck places. In one such group, we shared how the material had personally affected our lives, and then others began to share, too. One person faced the possibility of cancer, and three were unemployed and suffering greatly, unbeknownst to the others. The A Search for God material gave them hope for healing, and suggestions for how to grow—right in the midst of the deepest anguish.

The best group I was ever a part of was one that was led by Hugh Lynn Cayce. Hugh Lynn would look right at you and ask the most penetrating questions. There was no room for flinching or superficialities with Hugh Lynn. (According to the readings, Hugh Lynn was Andrew, one of Jesus' disciples. Can you imagine the quality of that long-ago, small "study group"? The disciples walked together for three years, ate together, talked, and even joked about what had worked and what hadn’t. They witnessed healing after healing, prayed together, wept together, and wondered whether they were worthy of being part of such a group.)

So while it would have been exciting to be part of that first-ever study group, we can come pretty close to that feeling in our ASFG group as we learn to trust the process. Surprising wisdom and helpfulness can come out of any one of us.

Study Group #1’s preface to A Search for God, Book I, ended with:

"There is nothing new here. The search for God is as old as man. This book is passed on in the hope that through it, during the trying times ahead, many may glimpse a ray of light; that … it may awaken a new hope and vision of a better world through application of His laws in a daily life."

A Search for God Books1 and 2 available at ARECatalog.com or by calling 800-333-4499. To learn more about the study groups programs or find a local group, visit EdgarCayce.org/Studygroups.

Excerpt from June Bro's "The Art of Living" from the Oct-Dec 2010 issue of Venture Inward magazine available to A.R.E. members at Edgarcayce.org/members.

June Bro Venture InwardDr. June Avis Bro found her life deeply affected by working daily with Edgar Cayce when she and her husband, Harmon, came to Virginia Beach in 1943. She has a graduate ministerial degree from Andover-Newton Theological School, near Boston, and a doctorate from Chicago Theological Seminary. In addition to teaching while raising five children, she has been a research assistant at Harvard, lectured and held workshops in many cities, led overseas tours to the Near East and China, and served as pastor. A concert pianist, she draws on her background in the arts to illuminate myths, symbols, and dreams. At age 90, she released her first piano CD called "Soul Soundings," which is being sold in the A.R.E. Bookstore. Her column for A.R.E.’s Venture Inward magazine, "The Art of Living," is based on her life reading given by Mr. Cayce in 1944. She wrote the foreword to the re-released book A Seer Out of Season written by Harmon Bro.

Join her every Tuesday morning from 10:30 until 11:30 a.m. for an informal "Chat" at the global headquarters of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. in Virginia Beach. Visit EdgarCayce.org/VaBeach for all upcoming events.


June 2015 Update

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June 2015 Update
From the Desk of Kevin J. Todeschi

This is my update for June 2015 to A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in the new and exciting trends occurring within Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Atlantic University. A number of exciting things are happening this month! Please share the following with your friends:

Camp Dining Hall FireIn the early morning hours of June 5, our A.R.E. Camp Dining Hall was completely destroyed by fire. It is a real shock to all of us – especially the tight-knit A.R.E. Camp community. As you can see from these before and after photos, the fire devastated the building. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the fire did not spread to other buildings or the woods in Camp’s mountain valley.

Almost immediately, A.R.E. Camp Manager Malenka Kaydan and her incredibly dedicated group of volunteers set about finding ways to pull off the Camp season without missing a beat. Our Camp sessions WILL go on as scheduled! We have rented a 53-foot long “mobile kitchen” – literally, a kitchen on wheels – in order to provide delicious, Cayce-friendly meals to campers all summer long. In the meantime, those same dedicated volunteers who have helped us in the aftermath of this fire – Rich Hopkins, Fred Dewey, and Hal Costley-- have been working for months to complete the new shower house and it’s a thing of beauty! Thank you all for your support!

Thankfully, over 140 people have already donated $60,000 to help us make it through this critical time and to help us rebuild! Dozens of others have sent kitchen items and games from our list, dining tables and other useful things to get us through the summer in great shape. Thank YOU as well. Knowing our loving community, I know that you may want to help as well. Here are some ways you can:

  • DONATE: Your donations – plus our insurance – should get us through the summer with temporary facilities and get us started on rebuilding for next summer
  • VOLUNTEER: If you want to volunteer to help in some way, contact Malenka@edgarcayce.org
  • I know that you’ll join me in keeping A.R.E. Camp and our community in your thoughts, love and prayers.

This is the “Capstone Year” of our $30 million CREATE Campaign (capital, endowment, and program support)… and, thanks to some recent donations for our renovation project and helping with A.R.E. Camp’s tragedy, we have raised over $28 million! Just $2 million away from reaching our goal! $1 million of that is needed to renovate our Library and Conference Center (new restrooms, HVAC system, Library carpeting, expanding the auditorium, parking improvements, and upgrades throughout the building). Donors of $500 or more to the project will be listed on our Stairway to Heaven.

Golden Circle donors and Edgar Cayce Legacy Society members: We hope you will join us for our annual Donor Appreciation event the evening of Friday, June 26 at Virginia’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Please RSVP to mari.fedele@edgarcayce.org by June 22.

Hazel Zachar and June Bro want you to join in celebrating the Women of the A.R.E. by making a donation in honor of any A.R.E. Woman of your choosing. And when you donate by July 31, either YOUR name as a woman donor OR another you might choose to honor will be included in a list to be mailed out in our Year-End Newsletter in November. To contribute: https://commerce.solutrix.com/are/aresecure/donate2011.asp

  • $10+ June Bro level
  • $100+ Hazel’s Friends
  • $1,000+ Unsung Hero level (for all the A.R.E. women you have known)
  • $10,000+ Gladys Davis and Gertrude Cayce level (they always cooperated for the good of the A.R.E., so they’re doing the same here)

Be Our Guest…
Join us on the Café’s “Gladys Davis Porch” on Thursday, June 25 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. (during our annual Member Congress), for a Women’s Tea to celebrate the Women of the A.R.E.: Past and Present. We want to celebrate and honor you for all the time, energy, and financial support you give to this Work.

The Cayce Reilly School of Massage is excited to welcome our newest class of students to the June 700-hour massage program! Our next program will start on September 28, 2015….any students who start the program in September will receive a $500.00 tuition discount - visit our website: www.caycereilly.edu to apply online today.

The Cayce/Reilly School community is also thrilled to share recent accolades and awards bestowed on one of our faculty members and one of our alumni members: Reflexology Instructor, Juliebeth Mezzy, has been awarded the prestigious honor of Educator of the Year by the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education, sponsored by BonVital and Biofreeze. The applicant pool is extremely competitive, and winners are chosen based on experience, teacher training taken, and how well they meet the core competency standards. Julie is one of only 24 Accredited Reflexology Educators in the country, and has been with the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage since 2000.

A 1998 graduate from the Cayce/Reilly School, Wendy Delk Greene, received the prestigious Legacy Therapist of the Year Award for 2014 for Massage Envy Spas throughout the country! The Legacy Therapist of the Year is selected from the group of therapists who previously were honored as Therapist of the Year and is based on the therapist’s continued commitment to excellence and contributions to clients and fellow team members. Congratulations to Julie and Wendy!!

Our Continuing Education program continues to thrive, with a number of new courses available to the general public. Please click the link: www.caycereilly.edu for more information. And Come visit our Student Clinic to receive the unique Cayce/Reilly massage technique at a reduced price – call 757-457-7146 to schedule your appointment.

A new post on our Edgar Cayce Books Blog has the highest amount of "Likes" to-date with more than 3,000 users responding. The post, titled Thoughts on Suicide and the Afterlife, is an excerpt from the latest 4th Dimension Press title, We Are Never Alone, by psychic medium Anthony Quinata. This response shows what a great need there is for discussion and hope on such a sensitive topic. We hope you’ll value this post as well.

A.R.E. BOOKSTORE & GIFT SHOP The A.R.E. Bookstore & Gift Shop is well into the swing of another exciting summer! This month we will debut the first of our new evening classes! We begin with a Spirit Message Circle on Tuesday, July 7; Pendulums and Dowsing on Thursday, July 16; Palmistry Class on Wednesday, July 22; and Psychic Development on Monday, July 27. All classes are from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Please call the bookstore at 757-457-7231 for more information or to preregister!

And mark your calendars, the next one of our very popular Psychic Fairs is scheduled for July 25.

Tour China with the A.R.E.

A.R.E. 2015 TOURS
LAST CALL for Old Quebec and Montreal Led by Patrick and Jane Belisle, August 10-16, 2015.
Sacré bleu! Did you know that Quebec City was ranked as the 6th best destination in the world by Conde Nast travelers a couple of years ago? Ahead of its cousin Paris, France! No jet lag, just lots of fun and fellowship to be had!

China and Tibet Led by John Van Auken, September 15-28, 2015.
Walk the back of the dragon on the Great Wall of China…feel the peace and serenity of that past life as a Tibetan monk… This once-in-a-lifetime adventure is filling up very quickly, so get a move on and save your space!

New Mexico and Mesa Verde Led by Don Carroll, October 24-31, 2015.
Join us as we “walk the good red road” and tune into the sacred energies of Mother Earth in a land that long been an area of pilgrimage by those seeking the wisdom of the Native American cultures.


  • Cuba, the “Return to Atlantis” Tour– Led by John Van Auken, February 13 – 21, 2016.
  • Peru and Bolivia, Where Heaven Meets Earth - Led by Peter Woodbury with Andean Shaman, Juan de Dios Kucho
    May 11 – 22, 2016, with optional extension to see and experience the Nazca Lines!
  • Ireland – Led by John Van Auken, July 10 - 24 2016!
  • PLUS… IN THE WORKS: Greece – Led by Charles Thomas Cayce, Fall of 2016!

If you would like additional information about any of our travel programs, contact our Travel Programs Administrator, Cheryl Bernath, at tours@edgarcayce.org or by phone at 1-888-273-3339!

Advanced Hypnosis

Headquarters Conferences is excited to offer these two hypnosis training certification programs, both taught by experienced psychologists with outstanding credentials. On August 14 through 16, Dr. Jason Parker brings Advanced Hypnosis Techniques Certification: Creating Lasting Change. This intensive training is specially designed to increase the depth and effectiveness of your hypnosis sessions and improve client outcomes, focusing on “The Big Three” concerns most that commonly cause people to seek hypnosis as a therapy: smoking cessation, weight control, and stress reduction. October 18-23, Peter Woodbury MSW teaches Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Training Certification. This program, designed for both the new and more experienced hypnotherapist, will give you theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the process of hypnosis and past-life regression therapy. Enrollment is limited for both of these programs, so early registration is encouraged.

Your LifePrint is the unique way you live today that impacts the world tomorrow. It is irreplaceable evidence of your soul’s experience in this world. Much like your footprints will show the path you have chosen to walk in the physical world, you can determine what your LifePrint will be in the world of meaning, as entered onto your Book of Life in the Akashic Records.

Just think of the many ways you can and do use your gifts of time, talent, and treasure to make the world more loving and whole. Wouldn’t intentionally forming your LifePrint be a goal worth pursuing? How should you begin? Contact Susan Luscomb at 757-457-7125 or susan.luscomb@edgarcayce.org for your free consultation.

Thank you for your prayers, generosity and ongoing support for this great Work!

Ever the same,

Kevin J. Todeschi
Executive Director and CEO

Rheumatoid Arthritis

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The seventh in a series of discussions from the Cayce health readings.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Josephine Adamson, MD

 wellness Wednesday blog05-20-015Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disorder that often initially affects the small joints in the hands and feet. Unlike the wear-and-tear bone damage of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis affects the membranes lining the joints, causing a painful swelling that can eventually result in bone erosion and joint deformity. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are more than 1.5 million Americans with rheumatoid arthritis (compared to 27 million with osteoarthritis.)

An autoimmune disorder, RA occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the body's tissues. In addition to causing joint problems all over the body, rheumatoid arthritis sometimes can affect other organs like the skin, eyes, lungs, and blood vessels. Many research initiatives are trying to target the cause behind immune system malfunctions like RA. Current theory involves a possible environmental (chemical or infectious) trigger for those with genetic susceptibility.

The Mayo Clinic summarizes the common signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis as:

  • Tender, warm, swollen joints
  • Morning stiffness that may last for hours
  • Firm bumps of tissue under the skin on the arms (rheumatoid nodules)
  • Fatigue, fever and weight loss

Rheumatoid arthritis signs and symptoms may vary in severity and may even come and go. Treatment focuses on controlling symptoms and preventing joint damage. Anti-inflammatory, immune suppressing, and new Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic (DMARDs) footballdrugs can relieve symptoms and slow disease progression, but the drugs have serious side-effects. Physical therapy and sometimes surgery can also help RA patients.


In Cayce’s day, rheumatoid arthritis was referred to as “atrophic arthritis.” Medical scientists in the early 20th century did not understand the complexities of the human immune system, though they did notice that “atrophic’ arthritis patients presented in a different way than those patients with osteoarthritis. Interestingly, the Cayce readings describe atrophic or rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as the body’s reaction to an accumulation of toxins. Scientists today are learning that those toxins are released from the patient’s own cells. Recommended therapy in the Cayce readings focused on supporting the body’s natural healing ability and thus calming the patient’s immune functioning.


The Cayce readings detail four main therapies for RA:

fruits and veggies1. Diet/Assimilations

Changing the diet was a major component in the treatment for RA found in the readings. The readings recommended primarily a fiber-rich, plant-based, diet. For some, figs and dates were suggested to help with the laxative effect of the diet. Vegetable juices, cooked beets, and carrots especially were advocated. One meal of green raw vegetables at noon was frequently suggested.
Fish, fowl, and lamb were described as preferred meats for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The readings recommended that no fried foods should ever be used. One patient was told to avoid salt except in kelp or sea salts. Starches and sweets together were to be avoided along with carbonated drinks, alcohol, and stimulants. The readings advised following these diet suggestions to strengthen the body’s natural ability to heal.

2. Avoiding Constipation/Eliminations

Though following the diet recommendations above would prevent constipation, the readings also encouraged Epsom salts baths, fume baths, and hot baths to gently stimulate the digestive system. For those who had a significant problem with constipation, colonics were suggested. The readings do not advise colonics, enemas, or cathartics for all with arthritis since these rigorous therapies might lead to chemical imbalances in debilitated patients.

3. massageMassage

Mobilizing and relaxing the body through gentle massage is very important for those with rheumatoid arthritis. The Cayce readings usually recommended massage with pure organic peanut oil. Olive oil and peanut oil, two ounces each, with one ounce of lanolin was also often suggested as a massage oil.

4. Endocrine and Immune Stimulation

The most consistent routine of therapy for arthritis mentioned in the Cayce readings was the combination of Atomidine, Epsom salts baths, and massage. Atomidine, an iodine preparation, was an important supplement for proper health in Cayce’s day. By the 1930’s, however, most Americans received the necessary nutrient of iodine through their diet in the form of iodized table salt. Those with RA should work closely with their healthcare professional to prevent endocrine insufficiencies.

Several Cayce readings recommended that those with severe RA take gold chloride by mouth. Gold salts therapy can be toxic to the kidneys, the liver, and the skin, but has been found to reduce self-destructive immune reactions. Though the patient taking these preparations must be closely monitored by a physician, oral and injectable gold salts are still an important and effective therapy today for severe RA.

The readings also mentioned using appliances like the wet cell battery for gentle stimulation of the immune system. A wet cell battery is a simple chemical battery connected to the body via wires and plates to produce a very low direct current. Interestingly, experimental medical treatments like Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) utilize the same theory of electrical stimulation as the wet cell battery.

medicineThough RA is a very painful condition, the Cayce readings warned of the side effects of sedatives and narcotics: "... injections and sedatives … are just clogging the body further and will make the body become more and more useless for activity later on." (3363-1)

Rheumatoid Arthritis remains a painful and challenging disease today, as it was in Edgar Cayce’s day. By understanding the healing principles found both in the Cayce readings and today’s scientific research, new therapies will be developed that are effective and have fewer side effects.

JJosephine Adamson, MDJosephine B. Adamson, MD, MPH, CMT, is the Medical Director for Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. She received her MD from Duke University’s School of Medicine and Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina and is a graduate of the Cayce/Reilly® School of Massage. A former director and co-owner of a medical device company, she has a wealth of experience creating and maintaining health-related non- profit and for-profit businesses. She joined A.R.E. as part of the organization’s renewed focus on the health information, one of the most important, enduring legacies from the Edgar Cayce readings. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the health outreach and administration and interfacing with the stellar staff of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage—which provides a comprehensive education in the art and science of therapeutic massage—and the holistic A.R.E. Health Center & Spa—which provides holistic therapies to clients from around the world in its oceanfront Virginia Beach, Va., setting complete with a Café.

A.R.E. Members can download several circulating files—a collection of verbatim Edgar Cayce readings and reading extracts carefully selected and arranged by topic—on arthritis including Arthritis: Rheumatoid from our online member section.


Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. blog offers opinion pieces from contributors with a wide variety of backgrounds. These opinions are valued and create points of discussion. Opinions expressed in our blog may not necessarily represent the opinion of A.R.E.