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More Evidence for Atlantean Descendants in the United States

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More Evidence for Atlantean Descendants
in the United States
By John Fuhler

On July 13, 1936, Edgar Cayce gave a reading for a woman whom he told, "The entity then was among the people, the Indians, of the Iroquois; those of noble birth, those that were of the pure descendants of the Atlanteans…" (1219–1)

But the readings identified another group of North American Indians as descendants of Atlanteans, as well.

…in the experience before this we find the entity was in that land about Fort Dearborn, during those periods when there were the attempts of many to gain a greater understanding by the spiritual concepts and teachings to those of the greater nations – the Red Men; or those of the Atlanteans that had come to these portions of the land…Yet when turmoils and strifes arose, and those periods when there were the gathering of all the nations of these peoples… ( Edgar Cayce Reading #3823–1)

The events described in this reading occurred in the Old Northwest during the period 1809–1813, when Tecumseh, with British support and encouragement, led a confederation of Indians to defend their territories from the encroachment of the settlers. Though historical documents indicate a number of tribes participated in the skirmishes, the residents about Fort Dearborn consisted primarily of several bands of Potawatomi, a tribe of Algonquian Indians closely related to the Ottawa and Ojibwa. These three tribes, all residents of regions about and between the western Great Lakes, had only recently split up, having originally been one unified nation. In other words, in the context of the reading, the Potawatomi were Atlantean descendants.

Fort Dearborn
» Select image to view larger
Engraving showing Fort Dearborn, Chicago, Illinois, as it appeared in 1831

The family of languages to which the Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Ojibwa languages belong is intimately related to the Afro-Asiatic family of languages.i Interestingly enough, these same populations share a genetic relationship, as well. The greatest frequency of one particular genetic trait, mitochondrial haplogroup X2 (hereafter mt hap X2), among North American Indians occurs in the Ojibwa Indians (25%). And the greatest occurrence of mt hap X2 in Eurasia is among the Druze of southern Lebanon and northern Israel (11%). The purest expression of mt hap X2 in North America occurs in one particular Ojibwa subject, whose closest genetic relatives according to this marker are members of Mediterranean populations, rather than any other Indian subject found in North America! This is true in spite of the thousands of years and thousands of miles that separate them.ii

The American mt hap X2 data reveal several other very important facts: two separate waves of populations bearing the genetic marker migrated to North America. The first wave of immigration occurred before or around the last glacial maximum, with a coalescence time of 23,000–36,000 years before present; and the second wave with a coalescence time of 12,000–17,000 years before present.iii

At least one Ojibwa subject belongs to the first migration to America of mt hap X2 populations. By inference, other Algonquian speaking Indians do, as well. The readings confirm the coalescence date revealed by the geneticists:

…the entity was in Atlantis when there was the second period of disturbance – which would be some twenty-two thousand, five hundred (22,500) before the periods of the Egyptian activity covered by the Exodus; or it was some twenty-eight thousand (28,000) before Christ, see? (470–22)

The readings also state the Eastern Seaboard was among the lowlands of Atlantis. (364–13) The Atlanteans would only have had to relocate to the coastal areas to arrive at their new home when the rest of the continent went under.

Linguists corroborate these data. The distribution of Algonquian languages in North America indicates the place of origin, based on the diversity of Algonquian dialects, between Long Island Sound and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. One might argue this place of origin extended from the Albemarle Sound in North Carolina to Cape Cod, but European encroachment in those areas render available data less reliable.iv Also, the relative distributions of Algonquian languages reveal a pattern consistent with the gradual occupation of unoccupied lands vacated by the receding glaciers.v Thus, the distribution of the Algonquian languages, as well as the mt hap X2 coalescence times, establish the "arrival" of these Indians in North America to be about the time of the last glacial maximum.

map Algonquian languages
» Select image to view larger
Map showing Algonquin Dialects
Source: John Fuhler

Linguists have hypothesized the relationship between the Algonquian and Afro-Asiatic language families, but their model that explains this relationship contradicts the genetic evidence. That paradigm requires a trans-Beringia, or trans-Pacific route to account for the similarities between the two families.vi The genetic data disprove this, however. Those who maintain the mt hap X2 evidence found in the Tunguska Basin in western Siberia and the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia represent the founder source of American mt hap X2 ignore the fact that the coalescence time required for these Asian data is only 6,700 years. In other words, the American mt hap X2 was already in America a minimum of 5,300 years before that genetic marker arrived in Central Asia! So, at this time, conventional scholarship cannot explain the genetic or linguistic data. The readings, however, provide answers that the scholars lack.

John Fuhler Blog 072-013John Fuhler has been involved in the field of alternative medicine for more than 25 years. He received his BA in anthropology from the University of Illinois and studied in Glasgow, Scotland, and Portland, Ore. As an amateur archaeologist, he participated in projects in Ariz., Calif., Hawaii, N.M., and Wis.; reporting discoveries in Ore. and Scotland. His tribal affiliations include: Saxon, Friesian, Bohemian, Irish (O'Meagher clan), and Wyandot. He volunteers his skills with organizations supporting the homeless, forest services, and families. He enjoys reading the bible in Greek and Latin.



i Fuhler, J.T. Occasional Papers of the Epigraphic Society. 2007. Vol. 25. pp59ff.
ii ii Brown, et al. mtDNA Haplogroup X: An Ancient Link between Europe/Western Asia and North America? Am J Hum Genet 1998 October 63:1852-1861; Reidia, et al. Origins and Diffusion of mtDNA Haplogroup X. Am J Hum Genet 2003 November 73(5):1178-1190 (Published online Oct 20, 2003: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/issues/120394/).
iiiBrown, et al. op. cit. p. 1859.
iv Silver, S. and Miller, W.R. (1997) American Indian Languages: Cultural and Social Contexts. University of Arizona Press: Tucson. 320.
v Parker, A. Glacial Geography and Native American Languages. Quaternary Research 23, 130-137 (1985).
vi Ruhlen, M. (1994). The Origin of Language: Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue. John Wiley and Sons, Inc: New York. Fig. 10; pp. 153–4.

January 2015 Update

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January 2015 Update
From the Desk of Kevin J. Todeschi

This is my update for January 2015 to A.R.E. members and friends who are interested in the new and exciting trends occurring within Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Atlantic University. A number of exciting things are happening this month! Please share the following with your friends:

Dedicated Cayce student and longtime A.R.E. member Cassina "Cassie" Tarsia of Oceanside, California has pledged $1 million toward the creation of the A.R.E.’s new Tarsia Center. Under development now, the Center will offer programs in emotional processing, healing, integration, and wholeness. Think of it as a modern day Temple of Initiation. The Center’s Ideal: Creation of a state of oneness with the Creative Forces by awakening the heart and soul forces, connecting with the whole, and attaining harmony of being.

We expect the first program to be offered by the Center in January of 2016. I am working closely with former A.R.E. Board Chair Eileen Malo and Cayce expert Lynn Sparrow Christy to develop a program for this transcendent healing center initially called “the Program for Integrative Wholeness and Transformative Growth.” Eileen possesses an extensive background in health administration as well as advanced training and experience in both spiritual mentorship and personal coaching. Lynn possesses an extensive background in one-on-one spiritual mentorship, coaching, personal transformation and hypnotherapy. This program will be offered to participants who are ready to commit one full year to focus on their personal, spiritual, and emotional development – a serious commitment to a process that is designed to bring serious results. And we are thrilled about the possibilities.

By offering something new to the world, Cassie is also helping us achieve the goals we set out at the beginning of our multi-year CREATE Campaign—namely to bring the Cayce Work out to the world in a whole new way. Her donation takes us past the $26.5 million mark in our $30 million Campaign which ends this December.

Thank you, Cassie! We just can’t thank you enough. Many future generations will be grateful to you. Stay tuned for more information about the Tarsia Center, its mission, and its programs.

Our 2014 fundraising ended with a bang! Our Matching Gift Fund inspired nearly $300,000 in year-end contributions to the A.R.E. Thank you! And with the advent of 2015, we have just moved into the final year of our $30 million CREATE Comprehensive Campaign (capital, endowment, and programs) … and we have raised over $26.5 million – just $3.5 million to go! With the Cayce Hospital renovations successfully completed and $6 million raised already toward our $7.5 million capital projects goal, we now need to raise an additional $1.5 million to renovate our Virginia Beach Visitor and Conference Center; new restrooms, HVAC system, parking improvements, and upgrades throughout the building. Donors of $500 or more to the project will be listed on our Stairway to Heaven. You are still supporting our day-to-day program operations through your annual donations as well. We have raised well over $19 million for these great programs already!

In last month’s update I told you about our special end-of-year Matching Gift Fund (up to $125,000). Well, you helped us blow right past that Match and donated more than twice that amount - $290,000 in December! Your generosity continues to astound me. We are all extremely grateful. Thank you.!

Atlantic University already offers a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Studies, a Spiritual Guidance Certificate, and non-credit courses (open to all). Beginning in January 2016, the university will begin offering a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies with concentrations in Mindful Leadership, Global Leadership, and Organizational Leadership. For more information on existing courses, go to, www.AtlanticUniv.edu, or email us at, info@atlanticuniv.edu. For more information on the new Leadership Studies degree, email the university’s director at: James.VanAuken@AtlanticUniv.edu.

The Cayce/Reilly School of Massage continues to attract students from all backgrounds and ages, including military veterans, to our exciting program. Our 8 month sessions begin in January, June, and September 2015 and are fully accredited. Federal financial aid is available. We are excited about massage student community outreach at local sports events, EMT meetings, and senior care facilities. Our Continuing Education program is also thriving, with a number of new courses available to the general public. Please click the link: http://www.edgarcayce.org/ce for more information

The A.R.E. Health Center and Spa is enjoying the beautiful new facility. We have recently introduced additional holistic clinical services like restorative breath work and acupuncture. We've also added some wonderful cleansing Spa packages, offered at substantial member discount. Our life-changing, holistic health intensives, the Cayce-based Wellness Weeks, are filling fast. There are still spots available for the June 13-19, 2015 week, http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/spa/spa_services.aspx?id=5295. We hope you will join us!

retreat - blog 012015

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In Headquarters Conferences news, we are thrilled to have Apollo 14 astronaut and IONS founder Edgar D. Mitchell ScD on March 27-29, 2015 —our first ever visit from someone who has walked on the moon, incarnate, in this lifetime! Explore the uncharted territories of the conscious mind, the reality of psychic ability, the body-mind connection, and the survival of the soul after death at Breakthroughs Toward a New Consciousness: Science, Spirituality, and the Limitless Mind, which also features Stephan A. Schwartz, Marilyn Schlitz PhD, Kevin J. Todeschi MA, Neil Helm MA and Loyd Auerbach MS.

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A.R.E. 2015 TOURS
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  • New Mexico and Mesa Verde – Led by Don Carroll, October 24-31, 2015.
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If you would like additional information about any of our travel programs, contact our Travel Programs Administrator, Cheryl Bernath, at tours@edgarcayce.org.

Registration is now open for the 2015 season at A.R.E. Camp! We have some fantastic programs lined up for our 2015 season, including two fantastic family camps, children’s sessions, and even young adult and adult programs too! Come spend some time in the sundrenched Blue Ridge Mountains this summer, creating magical memories with friends old and new, enjoy programs hosted by popular resource people, hike the surrounding mountains, swim in the cool crisp pond, and live life the Cayce way! To register now, or for more information, visit www.EdgarCayce.org/SummerCamp.

If you’ve been to A.R.E. Camp, you’ll know that the experience would be incomplete without the extraordinarily creative and joyful staff! Camp is so lucky to have so many people who come to help create the magic each year! If you, or someone you know, would like to join us in serving with joy on the A.R.E. Camp Staff this summer, the staff application can be found at www.EdgarCayce.org/SummerCamp, or you can contact Malenka Kaydan, A.R.E. Camp Manager at Malenka@edgarcayce.org.

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ANNOUNCING ECLS PRIZE WINNERS! Congratulations to the winners of the 'Class of 2014' prizes offered to the Edgar Cayce Legacy Society (ECLS) members:

  • Rev. Lowell K. Smith - Autographed 50th Anniversary Edition of "There is a River"
  • Randall J. Wadsworth and Suzanne Shipley - Autographed 75th Anniversary Edition of "There is a River"

Other ECLS “Class of 2014” prize winners will receive prizes including "About My Father’s Business" by Hugh Lynn Cayce and the Complete Edgar Cayce Readings DVD.

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Members seeking dependable retirement income guaranteed for life (up to 9%!) through A.R.E. Charitable Gift Annuities will want to know our new policy concerning age eligibility. As of January 1, 2015, immediate annuities are available for those 65 and older. You may be eligible for a deferred annuity at the age of 60 or older, with payments to begin not earlier than age 65. These annuities offer tremendous tax benefits, with charitable deductions, tax-free income and more. For more information, contact Susan Luscomb at susan.luscomb@edgarcayce.org or 757-457-7125 or Marianna Theo at marianna.theo@edgarcayce.org or 757-457-7215. Ask for your personalized free sample report today!

We recently launched a 30-second commercial that is showing on select television channels, as well as on YouTube and on our website. If you would like to view the commercial – or send the link to friends – you can watch it here: http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/edgarcayce.aspx?id=1036.

Hope 2015 is off to a great start for you and your families!

Ever the same,

Kevin J. Todeschi
Executive Director and CEO

What Is Personal Transformation?

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What Is Personal Transformation? 
Mark Thurston, PhD,

thoghts-blog01-16-2015We all have voices in our head. Sometimes they shout; sometimes they whisper. Sometimes they make unreasonable demands; sometimes they offer sage advice. One frequent voice says, "You need to change. You need to do better." Maybe that call-to-change makes you feel guilty or uncomfortable, or maybe it inspires you.

The first challenge when you hear an inner voice calling for change is to listen deeply and recognize what kind of personal change would be required. Is it a call to "self-improvement" or a call to "personal transformation"? In order to tell the difference you need to remember that there are two different aspects of yourself: the personality and the individuality. The personality is your familiar identity. It’s made up of your habit patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. It’s the self that you show to the world—your persona—and it operates most of the time on automatic pilot. At best, the personality will be interested only in self-improvement, little adjustments that don’t really alter your life in a very meaningful way.

On the other hand, the individuality is your deeper, more authentic self. At its core it’s your spiritual ideal. What’s more, the individuality is the seat of your freedom; it’s the home of your free will. Rather than being controlled by habit and routine, the individuality is capable of transformative change. And its call is an invitation to a remarkable new way of living.

Here are two metaphors for personal transformation that I have found helpful. The first is "Building a cube rather than just improving a square." In this analogy, think of your personality as a square—that is, a two-dimension figure. You might even imagine drawing a square on the surface of a tabletop. There are ways to change that square—for it to experience "self-improvement," so to speak—by making rather superficial adjustments. You might make the borderline of the square more colorful or thicker. It could become a nicer or more attractive square, but it’s still a square. On the other hand, the square could undergo a transformative change if it grew into a cube. That means adding a dimension by going up and breaking out of the tabletop. That’s transformational change. The original square is still there, but now it is just one part of something profoundly enriched. Something just like that is possible for your life!

Hexahedron wikpedia
Hexahedron source:http://en.wikipedia.org/

The second analogy comes from physics. It illustrates the principle I call "Transformative change takes an investment, and it takes patience." Consider how water can go through changes as it is heated—changes of state in which H2O can move from being solid ice to liquid water to gaseous water vapor. When a change of state occurs, we have a good analogy for a transformational change. But look what is required. If we start with ice-cold water (32o F), it takes a certain amount of heat to warm that water to boiling hot, but still liquid, H2O at 212 degrees. But to get that water to transformationally change into steam, we have to add five times more energy than we invested getting it from 32 to 212 degrees. That extra investment of energy can remind us of an important fact. Sometimes we have to expend a lot of energy in transformational work before we experience results. And that takes patient, consistent effort. Nevertheless, something is happening even when it’s not apparent.

forms of water blog01162015

Perhaps those two analogies are helpful, but the work of personal transformation is still complex and not easy to understand. It’s truly a lifetime adventure. Here are two features of personal transformation that I believe are crucial. It’s issues like these that I will be exploring in future columns.

Values and ideals are the starting point of any personal transformation process. We continually need a point of reference when we embark on deep work with the psyche and the body. Nothing is more important than to have a clear sense of one’s core values, or better yet, a statement of one’s personal spiritual ideal. It needs to be something that really means something to us; it needs to evoke feelings of hope, inspiration, and vitality when we are reminded of it. Then we have a powerful force of orientation when we are moving through the inevitable tests and challenges of personal transformation.

Personal transformation is nurtured by social support. We need each other if we are going to change in a profound way that fulfills the aspirations of the individuality self. Certainly there can be value in times alone or personal retreat. But transformational work depends on making deep, authentic connections—within ourselves and (most importantly) with others.

You can try a free sample issue of Venture Inward magazine online or by mail.


Mark Thurston blog 01162015Mark Thurston, PhD,  is an author, psychologist, and educator who worked at A.R.E. and Atlantic University from 1973 through 2008. He is now a faculty member at George Mason University's Center for the Advancement of Well-Being where he teaches courses about consciousness, meaning, mindfulness, and spirituality. More about his work can be found at markthurston.com


Seeds for the Garden of Life

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Seeds for the Garden of Life 
By Jerry Lazarus

The most important seeds ever planted are the ones that blossom in the garden of life. When these seeds are sown carefully and the plants tenderly nurtured, they produce a garden that beautifies and enriches life for family, friends, and others who may step onto your path.

Flowers set 1
Select photo to view larger

Here are some instructions for planting seeds in the garden of life:

Love: Perennial—evergreen—if planted with attentive care. Sow this seed anywhere year-round. Bears fruit first season, but the yield grows more prolific as the plant matures. Hardy, self-seeding.

Patience: Seeds will not germinate if sowed too early. Will bear large fruit if allowed to grow until the end of fruiting season. Easy to propagate in your home garden. Curbs impatiens overgrowth.

Faith: For best results, before seeding, improve the soil with hope. If properly cared for, this plant produces heavy clusters of fruits of the spirit. Support the fruits until harvest. For vigorous growth, plant alongside patience; doubt intolerant.

Kindness: Excellent when mixed in with Love. Germinates quickly. Make sure to water regularly and the yield will be plentiful. Attracts many beneficial creatures, including friends, neighbors, and strangers. Top seller!

Joy: Annual. Must seed each year for new growth.

Compassion: Best sown in areas where other seeds are hard to germinate. May take time to see results. Fruit is full of character. Drip irrigation recommended.

Flowers set 2
Select photo to view larger

Truthfulness: This is a natural deterrent for all types of pests and will keep a garden looking beautiful and healthy. Sow in between rows. Fragrant and attractive blooms. Self-pollinating.

Generosity: Prolific growth and fruiting year-round. Because of heavy fruiting, it’s a favorite to share with neighbors. Makes an excellent gift, especially during the holiday season.

Peace: Companion planting with Tolerance recommended. Once germinated, will grow with all combination of plants. Can endure any conditions. Regular picking provides a continuous supply of fresh Peace. Everyone seems to get along when peace is planted with Tolerance.

Cooperation: Will adapt to any conditions. For optimal yield, plant on common ground. Promotes cross-pollination among all. A favorite of community gardens.

Special Instructions: Do not use pesticides, such as hate, jealousy, haste, anger, fear, arrogance, blame, or belittling. Although they may provide short-term relief, in the end they are toxic to gardeners, soil and plants.

flower set 3
Select photo to view larger

Before planting, prepare soil with openness, willingness, and thoughtfulness. Fertilize the soil to help seeds to grow.

Enjoy the fruits of these seeds of the heart year-round!

These certified organic seeds can be grown in all zones. Call now, guidance is only a heartbeat away! The Master Gardener is standing by for all your prayers and questions!


Jerry Lazarus Blog 082013Jerry Lazarus is a spiritual teacher, counselor, and author. He has a master’s degree in religion and meditation, and has studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity. Jerry is the dream columnist for Venture Inward magazine, a speaker for A.R.E. conferences. He leads workshops and retreats on spiritual and mystical topics across the United States. His book, Dreams: Listening to the Voice of God, is available at his Web site: jerrylazarus.com. Jerry is the featured presenter in the new Soul Growth Saturday workshop Edgar Cayce on the Wisdom of Dreams: Listening to the Voice of God Conference in Virginia Beach on Jun 20, 2015.


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